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First 7th Night [Import]
Format: DVD Genre: Drama, Foreign
First 7th Night [Import]

First 7th Night [Import]

Format: DVD Genre: Drama, Foreign
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NTSC/Region 0. in the summer of 1972 in the one old city, a mysterious accident happened in the 'Spring Thunder Hotel', which was located in a town at the mountain district of World called 'Plum Mound Town'. The hotel was burnt down suddenly after a sound of pistols fires inside the hotel. A very suspicious and mysterious man named 'Ma', paid a man many times salary to drive a mini truck. The driver's name is called 'Xiong'. Ma requested Xiong to find this place where the unfortunate happened in the Spring Thunder Hotel which happened 30 years ago. So what actually happened 30 years ago? Who were these four people, 'Boss', 'Chen', 'Pellet', and 'Bird' that were present at this hotel location when this incident occurred? So why did Ma actually need to find this driver to help him out? What is this truck filled with? the tunnel is getting brighter and brighter! Are there Spirits to answer these questions at the end of the tunnel and at the final destination at the Spring Thunder Hotel?
Director: Herman Yau
Studio: Imports
Release Date: 9/1/2009
Item #: SRD243800
UPC #: 4893524380019
Attributes: Hong Kong - Import, NTSC Format
Product Type: DVD

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