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Force of Evil (1948)
Format: DVD Genre: Suspense-Film Noir
Force of Evil

Force of Evil

Format: DVD Genre: Suspense-Film Noir
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Gripping, noir-flavored drama stars John Garfield as Joe Morse, a lawyer who traded principles for success and now works for a powerful New York mobster seeking to drive the city’s small-time numbers rackets--including one run by Morse’s brother--out of business by any means necessary. Thomas Gomez, Marie Windsor, and Roy Roberts also star. 78 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital stereo.
John Garfield
Thomas Gomez
Marie Windsor
Howland Chamberlin
Roy Roberts
Beatrice Pearson
Abraham Polonsky
Bobby Stebbins
Budd Fine
Dave Fresco
Fred Somers
Howland Chamberlain
Ira Wolfert
Jessie Arnold
Jimmie Dundee
Joe Warfield
Margo Woode
Mickey Rooney
Milt Kibbee
Paul H. Frees
Perry Ivins
Richard Elmore
Richard H. Gordon
Richard Reeves
Robert B. Williams
Sheldon Leonard
Paul Fix
Stanley Prager
Barry Kelley
Paul McVey
Jack Overman
Tim Ryan
Barbara Woodell
Raymond Largay
Beau Bridges
Allen Mathews
Georgia Backus
Sid Tomack
Jan Dennis
Paul Frees
Bert Hanlon
Bob Williams
Bill Neff
Frank Pharr
Joseph Warfield
Perry Ivans
Cliff Clark
Larry Blake
Phil Tully
Paul Newlan
Max Wagner
Chuck Hamilton
Capt. Fred Somers
Ray Hyke
George Magrill
Ralph Dunn
Jim Davies
Bob Reeves
Bud Wiser
Brick Sullivan
Carl Saxe
Jimmy Dundee
Mickey McGuire
Bud Fine
Douglas Carter
Sam Ash
Milton Kibbee
Esther Somers
Mervin Williams
Frank O'Connor
Charles Evans
Will Lee
David McKim
William Challee
Joey Ray
David Fresco
Stanley Waxman
Eileen Coghlan
Barbara Stone
Estelle Etterre
Helen Eby-Rock
Margaret Bert
Jesse Arnold
Betty Corner
Jim Toney
Sherry Hall
Shimen Ruskin
Jim Drum
Carl Sklover
John Butler
Forbes Murray
Dick Gordon
Roger Cole
Jay Eaton
Carl Hanson
Arthur O'Connell
Bert Davidson
Ralph Brooks
Dick Elmore
Murray Alper
Robert Strong
Joel Fluellen
Mildred Boyd
Louise Saraydar
Ray Hirsch
Barbara Combs
John Collum
William H. O'Brien
Bob Stebbins
Ann Duncan
John Indrisano
Diane Stewart
Edward Peil Sr.
Abraham Polonsky
Director: Abraham Polonsky
Studio: Olive Films
Release Date: 7/31/2012
Item #: 290524X
UPC #: 887090045308
SKU #: D45108
Attributes: Black & White, Remastered
Product Type: DVD
Rating: NR
Closed Caption: No

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