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Ford Cortina Story
Format: DVD Genre: Sports
Ford Cortina Story

Ford Cortina Story

Format: DVD Genre: Sports
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This program follows one of Ford's greatest success stories, the Cortina. Over 4 million were sold between 1962-1982, making it the most popular British car of the 1960s and 1970s. Using previously unseen archive footage, alongside interviews and original advertising, we discover how it has retained the public's affection for over forty years! When it was launched in 1962, the Cortina took the world by surprise. Ford had created something totally new and original, skillfully combining drive ability, good handling and great value. Using original footage from the early stages of building and testing the Mk 1, we go back to the drawing board to find out how the Cortina went from a concept to the unique driving creation we know and love. Today, there are still many proud owners using their Mk 1s as everyday transport - we meet members of Cortina owners' clubs and enthusiasts to find out why they're still such a big hit! The Cortina's success was not confined to the roads - the 1.5GT twin-cam engine types showed real potential in rally and track stages. Lotus saw this promise, and alongside Ford, went on to develop what is now recognized as a true icon in the history of motor racing! This fascinating program features archive footage of the Lotus Cortinas in action at the British Saloon Car Championship at Snetterton, Brands Hatch and in Hungary. Featuring a wide range of models, including the Mks 1-5, convertibles, and the Safari Rally Lotus Cortinas, this program delivers a definitive history of a best-selling British creation. We also take a look at some unorthodox specimens with chopped off roofs, crazy sound systems and the obligatory furry dice hanging from the rear view mirror! If you love Cortinas, you will love this program!
Mark Cross
Mark Cross
Director: Mark Cross
Studio: Duke Marketing
Release Date: 10/23/2012
Item #: 372980X
UPC #: 5017559102159
Product Type: DVD

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