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Forgotten Noir & Crime: Collection Set 4
Format: DVD Genre: Suspense-Film Noir, Box Sets
Forgotten Noir & Crime: Collection Set 4

Forgotten Noir & Crime: Collection Set 4

Format: DVD Genre: Suspense-Film Noir, Box Sets
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A law school grad's (Dennis O'Keefe) gaffe working at the office of "Mr. District Attorney" (1941) nets him a dangerous new case. Peter Lorre co-stars. On "Highway 13" (1948), a lovestruck trucker (Robert Lowery) gets mixed up in murder. With Pamela Blake. An FBI agent tries to track down a spy possessing secret government documents aboard a "Sky Liner" (1949). Richard Travis, Blake star. A descendant of the Count of Monte Cristo goes against a crooked lawyer to obtain the "Treasure of Monte Cristo" (1949); Glenn Langan, Adele Jurgens star. When "Counterspy Meets Scotland Yard" (1950), secret missile plans are the prize. With Howard St. John, Amanda Blake. L.A. cops on the "Motor Patrol" (1950) chase down a hit-and-run culprit; Don Castle, Jane Nigh star. The men of the "Radar Secret Service" (1950) use high technology─for them─to foil bad guys in the Atomic Age; John Howard, Jergens star. When a mad killer goes on the hunt, a "Western Pacific Agent" (1950) must take him down. Kent Taylor, Lowery star. In the "Roaring City" (1951), a shamus takes a treacherous bet on boxing. Hugh Beaumont, Joan Valerie star. 9 2/3 hrs. total on three discs. Standard; Soundtrack: English.
Don Castle
Mickey Knox
John Howard
Dennis O'Keefe
Howard St. John
Hugh Beaumont
Glenn Langan
Pamela Blake
Kent Taylor
Jane Nigh
Amanda Blake
Adele Jergens
Florence Rice
Edward Brophy
Steve Brodie
Ron Randell
Rochelle Hudson
Clem Bevans
Tom Neal
Peter Lorre
Richard Travis
Bill Henry
Sheila Ryan
Robert Jordan
Joan Valerie
Gwen O'Connor
Morris Carnovsky
Michael Whalen
Stanley Ridges
Myrna Dell
Steven Geray
June Vincent
Sid Melton
Minor Watson
Robert Lowery
Gaylord Pendleton
Wanda McKay
Onslow Stevens
Fred Sears
Ralph Byrd
Rebel Randall
Lyle Talbot
Charles Arnt
Ralph Peters
Reed Hadley
John Dehner
George Davis
William Tannen
Joan Blair
Robert Kent
Frank Richards
Maris Wrixon
Lewis Martin
Dick Travis
Greg McClure
Rick Vallin
Mary Gordon
Sidney Melton
Charles Halton
Pierre Watkin
Dick Elliott
Tristram Coffin
Charles Victor
Brian O'Hara
Dan Seymour
Anthony Jochim
Lisa Ferraday
Jimmy Lloyd
Anthony Warde
Alan Edwards
Riley Hill
Roy Butler
Ted Jordan
Robert Boon
Tom Chatterton
Lee Phelps
Frank Jenks
Abner Biberman
Sarah Edwards
Gregory Gay
Stanley Price
Frank Jacquet
Robert Carson
Ted Jacques
Jimmy O'Neil
Kenne Duncan
Douglas Evans
David Holt
Helen Brown
Charles Wagenheim
Paul Marion
Marshall Reed
Curtis Jarrett
Paul Brooks
Margia Dean
Virginia Dale
Gloria Grey
Don Brodie
John McKee
Vera Marshe
Everett Glass
Holly Bane
Larry Barton
Joseph J. Greene
Ezelle Poule
Carla Martin
Rube Schaffer
Bob Woodward
Charles Meredith
Herbert Evans
Robert Bice
Boyd Stockman
Don Avalier
Irene Martin
Jean Sorel
Michael Vallon
John Doucette
John Power
Gloria Henry
Bill Hammond
Jamesson Shade
Al Hill
Jack Mulhall
Jan Kayne
John McGuire
Bill Hale
George Meeker
Harry Lauter
Jack Rice
Charles Williams
Burt Wenland
Bess Flowers
William Bailey
George Eldredge
Kernan Cripps
Directors: William Berke, Sam Newfield, William Morgan, Seymour Friedman
Studio: Kit Parker Films
Number of Discs: 3
Release Date: 11/18/2008
Item #: VCI000601
UPC #: 089859060120
SKU #: D30819
Attributes: Boxed Set, Black & White, Collector's Edition, Slim Pack
Product Type: DVD
Rating: NR
Closed Caption: No

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