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Fragmented (2014)
Format: DVD Genre: Action-Thriller


Format: DVD Genre: Action-Thriller
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While vacationing in Mexico, Natalie and Carsten Reynolds argue, causing Carsten to storm off. When he doesn't return, Natalie is forced to go a Police Station to report him missing. Detective Santiago is quick to inform her that Carsten has been working with a local Drug Dealer, Miguel Jimenez. In the Jungle, Carsten, Miguel and his Bodyguard hand-off the payload to their usual buyer, Ramon. When the money does not add up to the amount agreed upon, Miguel has his Bodyguard kill Ramon. Back in the city, Natalie realizes she's being followed and proceeds to check out of her hotel. Sebastian, one of the men chasing her, confronts her, saying he has information on Carsten. With no choice but to trust him, Natalie learns that Sebastian and his partner laundered money for Miguel, but weren't being paid fairly. Carsten had arranged to steal the money from a hand-off, allowing them to leave the drug world behind. When Carsten did not to deliver the money, the men had no choice but to turn themselves in to Santiago and strike a deal in exchange for their freedom. Sebastian sends Natalie to question Cecilia, Carsten's lover, for more information. Cecilia plays dumb and Natalie is convinced she's lying and the girls get into a fight. Across town, Santiago and Angel find important information that makes brings Natalie's reliability into question. Natalie and Sebastian are forced to hide out from Santiago until they can convince him of the truth.
Director: Douglas Elford-Argent
Studio: Indie Rights
Release Date: 10/25/2016
Item #: 1742286X
UPC #: 760137866596
Product Type: DVD
Rating: NR

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