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Francis the Talking Mule: Complete Collection
Format: DVD Genre: Comedy-Classic
Francis the Talking Mule: Complete Collection

Francis the Talking Mule: Complete Collection

Format: DVD Genre: Comedy-Classic
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On a mission in World War II, G.I. Peter Stirling (Donald O'Connor) is rescued by "Francis the Talking Mule"(1950), that’s right, an Army mule who can talk...but only to him. Stirling's claim that his four-legged pal speaks lands him in a padded cell before the pair are recognized for their heroic deeds. Debut entry in the popular series co-stars Patricia Medina, with Chill Wills supplying Francis' voice.

The ranch where Francis the talking mule (voiced by Chill Wills) resides is in trouble, so the loquacious creature goes to work, helping a race horse get its confidence back in "Francis Goes to the Races" (1951). With Donald O'Connor, Piper Laurie.

Next, after Pete (O'Connor) is given an appointment to a military academy, he brings along his four-legged pal in "Francis Goes to West Point" (1952).

And, when Pete sets his sights on becoming a reporter, it's up to his big-eared buddy to come up with some hot scoops in "Francis Covers the Big Town" (1953).

Francis tags along when pal Pete gets pressed back into service, and has a horselaugh when he's erroneously assigned to an all-women's base, in "Francis Joins the WACS" (1954). Julia Adams, Mamie Van Doren co-star.

Peter (O'Connor) has to set sail for Coronado when Francis is about to be sold as surplus in "Francis in the Navy" (1955). Martha Hyer, Jim Backus co-star.

In the final series entry, Francis gets a new human sidekick (Mickey Rooney), a new voice (Paul Frees), and some spooky murders to solve, in "Francis in the Haunted House" (1956). Virginia Welles, David Janssen co-star.

10 hrs. total. Standard; Soundtrack: English.

Mickey Rooney
Donald O'Connor
Martha Hyer
Julia Adams
Virginia Welles
Richard Erdman
James Flavin
Chill Wills
Jim Backus
Paul Cavanagh
Mamie van Doren
Clint Eastwood
Lynn Bari
Mary Ellen Kaye
David Janssen
ZaSu Pitts
Joan Shawlee
Leigh Snowden
Ralph Dumke
Richard Gaines
Martin Milner
Allison Hayes
Mara Corday
Richard Deacon
Paul Burke
Phil Garris
Dick Winslow
Karen Kadler
Myrna Hansen
Elsie Holmes
Charles Horvath
Timothy Carey
Jane Howard
Anthony Radecki
Helen Wallace
Virginia O'Brien
Edward Earle
William Forrest
Patti McKaye
John Maxwell
Richard Deems
Glen Kramer
Hy Averback
Bill Phipps
James Todd
Paul Frees
Sam Woody
Dan Barton
Phil Harvey
Walter Woolf King
Dick Wessel
Henry Blair
Colleen McClatchey
Floyd Simmons
Ray Walker
Robert Bray
Stuart Wilson
John Pickard
James M. Hayes
Lyle Bond
Henry Kulky
John Eldredge
Anthony Jochim
Muriel Mansell
Arthur D. Gilmour
Bobette Bentley
Kenneth MacDonald
Herbert Lytton
Carl Switzer
Fred Nurney
Carl Christian
Olan Soule
Voltaire Perkins
David Thursby
James Hyland
Isabelle Dwan
Helen Bennett
Jeanne Tatum
Frank Chase
William Boyett
John Close
Jil Jarmyn
Joel Allen
John Compton
Robert Hoy
Edwin Rand
Mike McHale
John Phillips
Michael Hall
Robert Slaven
George Mather
Tyler McVey
Frankie Van
Mitchell Kowal
Garry Thorne
Richard Grant
Joey Ray
Anthony Garcen
Lee Graham
James Coffey
Jeanne Shores
Frances Farwell
Joseph J. Greene
Louis Towers
Danna McGraw
Rye Butler
Harvey Parry
Rusty Wescoatt
James Craven
Erville Alderson
Carl O'Bryan
Mary Newton
Ed Haskett
Paul Kreuger
Robert Haines
Bonnie Henjum
Kathleen Dennis
Barbara Smith
Lynn Wright
Harold Lockwood
Directors: Arthur Lubin, Charles Lamont
Studio: Universal Studios
Number of Discs: 3
Release Date: 4/29/2014
Item #: 1088399X
UPC #: 025192175763
SKU #: D47777
Attributes: 3 Pack, Snap Case, Slipsleeve Packaging
Product Type: DVD
Rating: NR
Closed Caption: Yes

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