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Gatchaman Ova Collection
Format: DVD Genre: Anime-Japanese
Gatchaman Ova Collection

Gatchaman Ova Collection

Format: DVD Genre: Anime-Japanese
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With Earth's resources dwindling, the new Mantel Plan, which unifies all of the planets power sources into a single network, is vital to the continued survival of mankind. But the terrorist entity Galactor wants those resources for itself, unleashing giant engines of mass destruction while, one by one, key members of the International Science Organization begin disappearing. To combat this threat, the ISO's secret squad of science ninjas and their ship the God Phoenix are brought into play. But between Galactor's new technology and superior numbers, it may be that not even the Gatchaman team is up to the task. But a mysterious new force is about to enter the fight, one whose forces could turn the tide of battle. But who is behind the mysterious Red Impulse? And why have they remained hidden for so long? the war for Earth's future hits an all new level as the classic anime series gets a radically new look in GATCHAMAN - THE OVAs!
Director: Charles Campbell
Studio: Section 23
Release Date: 10/29/2013
Item #: 780200X
UPC #: 814131018137
Product Type: DVD
Rating: TVPG
Subtitles: ENG

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