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Gear Guide Module
Format: DVD Genre: Special Interest-Instructional
Gear Guide Module

Gear Guide Module

Format: DVD Genre: Special Interest-Instructional
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This module teaches how to use all the Camera and Lighting gear to make movies successfully and get the most out of the gear you already own. Each program focuses on specific gear and techniques. 11 Program Components. 8 DVD Set. Each individual module in the Gear Guide set can be purchased separately. Tungsten & H.M.I Fresnels - Focuses on Tungsten and H.M.I Fresnels, with John Gresch from Arri Lighting. Learn how to sculpt your frame, light the actors properly and dramatically and throw shadows on parts of the background that you don't like. The information applies to most lighting systems, not just the featured Arri. Teaches: Changing lenses, changing bulbs, attaching Softboxes, using snoots, safety, spotting/flooding & selecting the proper light kit. FDCT-TGHM. 46 min. Diopters & Filters - Focuses on Diopters, and Filters with Bill Turner from Schneider Optics. Learn how to modify a fixed-lens camera with a wider wide angle and a deeper telephoto. Teaches how to use Wide Angle Adapters and Converters, as well as Telephoto Converters and their differences. Learn how to film just one part of a face, like lips or eyes and how to make a penny fill the frame. Plus how to protect your camera from misuse of large converters. Using filters, learn how to darken a bright sky to get it within the dynamic range of HDV, but not affect the rest of the scene, how to see through reflections, how to darken the overall scene to allow a wider aperture for shallower depth of field. Teaches: Wide and TeleConverters, Adapters, 4x4 Filters Polarizers, Graduated ND Filters, Color Filters and much more. FDCT-LENS 35 min. Tripods, Bags & Reflectors - Focuses on Tripods, Bags and Reflectors with Mark Bender from Bogen Imaging. The more you use your pro camera, the more you find that it deserves a pro camera bags, specifically designed to safely and lightly carry cameras and accessories. Learn to pick the right type, and how to make it work for your projects. Also, learn how to setup and operate light and heavy tripods, the difference between friction and fluid heads and how to pick the right tripod to do the job. An added bonus is a section on reflector types, what uses they have and how to get the most out of them. Teaches: Teaches Light Duty Tripods, Medium Duty Tripods, Heavy Capacity Tripods, Camera Bags, Reflectors and much more. FDCT-PODS 85 min. Follow Focus Devices - Focuses on Follow Focus Devices with Karl Horn from Cinetech. Experienced shooters of Pro HD or SD Digital Cinema Camera rely on the focusing dial to create more dramatic transitions into actors or objects. Forget your wrist, learn to use follow focus wheels that reorient the direction of the focus dial to one that more easily fits the movement of the human body. They give you focus stops, so that you don't have to guess where your subject is. Just set up the a and B stops and go from a to B. No guess work. This comes in very handy in cameras that do not have numerical readouts for focus marks. Learn use of whips and extensions for focus pulling devices allowing you or a crew "focus puller" to pull focus from behind the camera so that you can just concentrate on panning and tilting the camera with the actor. Teaches: Focus Pulling Techniques, Follow Focus Types, Single/Double Wheel, Whips and Extensions, Speed Cranks, Rear-Firing Configurations and much more. FDCT-FF 11 min. Focuses on Fluoresecents - Focuses on Fluoresecents with Frieder Hocheim and Tom Jacob from KinoFlo. Pros rely on Fluorescent lighting being perfectly tungsten or daylight balanced, soft, emitting almost no heat, and dimmable with very little shift in color temperature. But it's also complex. This program answers the following questions. Which instruments to use? Which color temperature? Do you match with the window or other tungsten instruments? How about DMX dimming and networking? How do you safely replace bulbs? What about color options? How do you safely regulate power output of DC supplies? Teaches: Fluorescent Fixtures, Studio and Portable Models, Diffusion Techni.
Studio: TMW Media Group
Release Date: 2/28/2012
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