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Giant Gila Monster (1959)
Format: DVD Genre: Horror-Monsters
Giant Gila Monster

Giant Gila Monster

Format: DVD Genre: Horror-Monsters
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The Giant Gila Monster - Digitally Remastered. As seen on Mystery Science Theatre 3000! A couple of teenagers are reported missing in a small Texas town and it is thought they eloped. Sheriff Jeff turns to his friend, Clarence Winstead, a garage mechanic and leader of a hot-rod gang for help. A series of tragic motor accidents occurs and it becomes apparent that a GIANT GILA MONSTER is roaming the area and depleting the town of it's citizens and passer-throughs, including two hot-rodding teen-agers. And it might have plans on attending the BIG record-hop party. In The Giant Gila Monster, most of the plot is given over to a group of hot-rod enthusiasts, headed by nice-guy Chace Winstead played by Don Sullivan, who sometimes breaks into song. Before long, the titular gila monster, which is just that - a real gila monster - is lumbering about on miniaturized sets terrorizing the community, killing at random, knocking over trains and barns and in general making a nuisance of itself. When the monster threatens to devour Chace's kid sister, he attempts to dispatch the beast with a hot rod full of nitroglycerin! "Hava la gila! Hava la gila!"-Mystery Science Theatre 3000.
Studio: Filmrise
Release Date: 4/14/2015
Item #: 1490818X
UPC #: 889290014108
Attributes: Manufactured on Demand, Remastered, NTSC Format
Product Type: DVD
Rating: PG13

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