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Bali (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Artist: Giorgio Gaslini Format: CD Genre: Soundtrack
Bali (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Bali (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Artist: Giorgio Gaslini Format: CD Genre: Soundtrack
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Digitmovies proudly presents on a double CD set the complete OST in mono and in full stereo composed and conducted by Giorgio Gaslini for the movie "Bali" (aka "Incontro d'amore Bali" "Incontro d'amore a Bali") directed in 1970 by Ugo Liberatore ("Bora Bora", "May Morning") and starring Umberto Orsini, Laura Antonelli, John Steiner, Petra Pauly, Johannes Schaaf, Ettore Manni, Ilona Staller. On the island of Bali, Glenn and Carlo, both life-long friends, are co-writing a book. The first one, afflicted by depression, desperately searches for an interior equilibrium, whereas the other one spends the days pulling his friend's leg. Daria, Carlo's wife, understands the interior torment of Glenn and offers him her love. But the act reveals to be useless, Carlo's jealousy explodes and Glenn finally commits suicide. This motion picture had enormous problems so that the movie, released in 1970, had scarce success. A few years later some scenes were reshot by director Paolo Heusch with the presence of the actress Ilona Staller and re-edited by producer Alfredo Bini so that the movie was re-released in the theatres with the title "Incontro d'amore - Bali". The Italian DVD available on the market by Surf Video Company contains the 1975 version with the added scenes and with a narrator's voice which tells the story with various flashbacks. The movie was shot on the island of Bali in incredibly exotic locations among the blue sea and the green lands where very ancient sacred temples appear in different scenes. The famous jazz musician, pianist and composer Giorgio Gaslini was signed up to write the score. At that time Cinevox Record issued a 33 rpm album (MDF 33/41) which contained 10 tracks in mono with a total duration of only 24:29. We have now found the master tapes of the original session with all the music recorded in mono so that our CD attains a duration of 73:24, but there's more: By means of a thorough search in the Cinevox vaults we have found other master tapes of the OST in very good conditions and even in full stereo... and we did at first think that they contained stereo mixes of the same mono versions, but this was not really the case. So.., very big discovery: Giorgio Gaslini had recorded an alternate score by using a symphonic orchestra that reprises the main themes, but with different orchestrations! So, due to the size of the discovered material, we have decided to release a double CD set: On CD 1 (mono) the OST is more jazzy, we could say with a "Combo sound", played by a small orchestra, and the 1970 LP album featured selections in Beat music style - apart some intervals of traditional Balinesian music -, more suitable for an easy listening experience in those days. The "Bali Theme" strongly dominates, a romantic cue with a little epic flavor which in CD 2 (73:50) returns in an exciting symphonic Beat version for orchestra and the choir of Cantori Moderni di Alessandroni. At the end of CD 2 we have also included a suite with the two tracks "Incontro d'amore" and "Smetti di piovere" (this last one with the remarkable performance of Edda Dell'Orso) issued in 1975 on the very rare Cinevox 45 rpm single (MDF 064). This is the added OST that Gaslini wrote and recorded for the '75 movie re-release and it includes an unreleased passage with dramatic strings for the scene where the protagonist stabs his wife. For "Bali" Giorgio Gaslini has composed and conducted a really impressive amount of sacred... beat... ethnic... music. In few words: During almost two and a half hours of listening it will be like flying to the exotic Bali on the wings of the magic notes by Gaslini, and this double CD set is a right and proper rescue of the Italian Silver Age and of the musical art of Giorgio Gaslini.
Artist(s): Giorgio Gaslini
Label: Digitmovies
Number of Discs: 2
Release Date: 5/26/2010
Item #: PID289916
UPC #: 8032628991660
Attributes: Italy - Import
Product Type: CD
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