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Clam Dolenter
Format: DVD Genre: Rock, Music Video (Concert/Performance)
Clam Dolenter

Clam Dolenter

Format: DVD Genre: Rock, Music Video (Concert/Performance)
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'The Clam, Dolenter DVD aims to provide the user with a novel and unprecedented experience. It is important to note that this is not a mere DVD to be inserted in a DVD player that you can watch passively on your television, neither is it a simple audio CD that you can listen to passively on your stereo system. This is a DVD to be run actively on your PC. It requires a commonly available PC, equipped with standard audio speakers, and the Windows XP/Vista operating system. It does not install anything on the aforementioned PC, and it does not require any configuration by the user: on the contrary, the DVD media player manages everything. Do not look for a track list because there is nothing like that here. You do make the track list but not so easily as an iPod. You will have to toil for your track list. Still don't understand? Well, withdraw from this material and physical world that you are living in just for a moment. Abruptly you find yourselves in a world you do not understand. A "multimedia world". A mental fancy? Not exactly. Let's call it a mental reality ruled by subconscious' unveiled fears. Specifically, you find yourself in the wilderness of an ancient, derelict palace. It's majesty is barely tarnished by something secretly present there. The passing of time? No, since here time has stopped. Pain with a capital P overwhelms this place that is the deepest and darkest corners of your mind. Yet Pain does not keep the same intensity in all the floors of this palace. It hides in some rooms more profoundly than in others. It is a hidden pain ready to blow up and devour everything. Once the DVD is inserted in the PC a window will pop up. Mac and Linux users are requested to follow the instructions included in the "For Mac and Linux users" txt file. At first, the user will see a theatre-like curtain that will slowly open to show the most parossistical and paradoxical representations of Clam, Dolenter. User interaction has been kept at the minimum level: the mouse will suffice to interact with the environment through simple point-and-click operations. After the curtain opening, a huge hall will be shown. Try to move the mouse around the screen: when the mouse shape changes you will have the possibility of clicking to either move the point of view or to explore a new area. Clicking on the borders of the screen will allow the user to go forward, turn left, right or go back. You can move forwards, backwards and, when possible, to the right or the left by clicking your mouse. If you click on a door you will enter a room, a corridor or another place. Otherwise if you are bold or lucky enough you will be admitted to see, listen or read one of the 26 multimedia pieces that are featured here. Specifically there are 20 poetical/musical/artistic videos (three of them having both a physical version accessible to everyone and a metaphysical one to be conquered after a weird enigma), 5 multimedia shorts and 1 interactive and synesthetic video. These multimedia pieces are scattered over five floors: a vault, a ground floor, a first and second floor, and an attic. They all embody Gothic Multimedia Project's peculiar vision of multimedia art. A syncretic concept of that carried to extremes where sound, image and word are inseparable elements of an unholy expressive trinity, and bound together by means of information technology. These are not simply songs or poetries or paintings or assemblages or videos or films. Only one thing arises: a multimedia piece. And even much more than that. There's a deep meaning behind each of these multimedia pieces you can only guess by reading the following notes in this humble booklet. You won't find an already traced and mandatory path to follow. It's up to you to decide what you want to see/listen/read and what you don't. But in some cases it will be up to you to find what you decided to see/listen/read. Don't take for granted you will surely see/listen/read everything here featured. You'll have to use your subconscious' light to make way in the gloomy depths of your own mind. After all in this opus you are no more the slave of an artist who decided what you have to see/listen/read and what you have not. You are definitely the master of yourself. Simply lost in a world of your own you have to learn and discover. If you want to survive to yourself.' (from 'Clam, Dolenter' 's 24-page DVD booklet).
Studio: CD Baby
Release Date: 6/15/2010
Item #: 145415X
UPC #: 8034097550270
Attributes: NTSC Format
Product Type: DVD

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