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CD-Rom Getty / Hitler Trilogy
Format: DVD Genre: Rap/Hip Hop, Music Video (Concert/Performance)
CD-Rom Getty /  Hitler Trilogy

CD-Rom Getty / Hitler Trilogy

Format: DVD Genre: Rap/Hip Hop, Music Video (Concert/Performance)
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JP GETTY FBI FILE 100.1202 JUNE 26, 1940 ESPIONAGE. The UK & FBI reported that JP GETTY was filling his Hotel Pierre in New York City with Nazi spies who were sabotaging Allied forces weaponry plants. JP Getty's mother was German. 43,000 people were killed in UK between Aug/Oct 1940. The FBI reported that JP Getty was still shipping oil to Hitler nine months after London was being bombed; several years into the Holocaust; five months before Pearl Harbor ... December 7, 1941. Soundtrack from film A BILLION BUCKS .. 1st film in the GETTYMOVIE Getty/Hitler trilogy. A BILLION BUCKS / GETTYMOVIE directed by Grant MacDonald ucla headed to the Academy Awards®. Yahoo MOVIES .... This intriguing 40-minute documentary from writer/director Grant MacDonald explores the shady dealings of Wall Street in the months leading up to American involvement in World War II, as J.P. Getty continues shipping oil to Hitler's Germany well into 1941. A BILLION BUCKS ... #4 FARMCLUB/USA NETWORKS/MTV/MUCHMUSIC Music Director's favorite ... KSPC 88.7 FM ... CLAREMONT CALIFORNIA. It was a joyous moment, finding this record. Proof, somehow, that there are people of brilliance out there.It's the soundtrack to MacDonald's film about how the Getty Oil Company sold oil to the Nazis during WW2. A BILLION BUCKS© I EARNED THE GETTY OIL COMPANY SHAREHOLDERS A BILLION BUCKS ... ON THE RESERVE ACQUISITION; THE WAY THEY TREAT ME ... IT REALLY SUCKS! AS THE GETTY INHERITORS BASK IN GLEE; ALL I ASKED FOR WAS THAT THEY LOOK AFTER ME! A BILLION DOLLARS THEY EARNED ON RESERVE ... MY FEE ... I SURELY DESERVE! IT TURNS OUT JP GETTY MAY HAVE BEEN A NAZI; HIS FAMILY EVEN GOES BACK TO GERMANY .... WITH HITLER, GíRING & GOEBBELS HE DID STAND; WHILE TRYING TO UNDERMINE THE AMERICAN LAND! FOR PAINTINGS & ARTIFACTS HE DID RECEIVE; WITH HIS OIL HE WAS ABLE TO DECEIVE? HOOVER & THE FBI & ROOSEVELT THEY KNEW ... THAT JP GETTY & ESPIONAGE HE DREW? MANY A YOUNG LAD & JEW DID DIE, AS PLANES DROPPED BOMBS FROM THE SKY. FOR YEARS WHILE GETTY SAT IN BERLIN, HE MAY HAVE COMMITTED MANY A SIN? THE ASHES AND SMOKE FROM THE CHIMNEYS IT ROSE ... WHILE OLD MAN GETTY SAT COZY ... HE CHOSE! WITH ARTWORK HELD TIGHTLY UNDER HIS ARM, STILL DRIPPING IN BLOOD ... AS THE REAL OWNER MET HARM! INTO THE OVENS & ON MEAT HOOKS, BULLETS BETWEEN THE EYES ... LISTEN VERY CAREFULLY YOU CAN STILL HEAR THEIR CRIES! WHILE GETTY JR. KBE, SITS IN ENGLAND; AT HIS ESTATE AT WORMSLEY. AND GORDO SINGS IN SAN FRANCISCO, WITH HIS 727 IN TOW. THE GETTY MUSEUM SITS ATOP MALIBU, WHILE THE CORPSES OF WW II SCREAM ... 'JP GETTY ... WE KNOW YOU!' EXCELLENT ... UCLA PROF. EMERITUS GENE LEVINE DESERVES AN ACADEMY AWARD® ... J.J. FRIDFINNSSON Wow, that is powerful. Rachel. Well, I just finished your film an hour ago. What a spectacular film. Peter V. A Billion Bucks ... Soundtrack .... Just this side of brilliant -- but brilliant nevertheless. I love the idea that one has to beg -- even with the Gettys being so much as NAZIS. How troubled; the lack of trouble ... makes the drums drop and fall as easily as the words that escape the speaker ... that were right there, something that's not so easy to make the listener get on board. This is brilliant: 'I earned the Gettys, A Billion Bucks ... The way they treat me really sucks.' We're interested because it's done so damn well -- as much as I may dislike the people who get to talk at Getty's Museum, the hilarity being that the words are burnt by someone who knows how to make words work.  - ScottSiders Long Beach, California. REVIEWS BELOW/LISTENERS AT GARAGEBAND.COM ... JPGETTY ... Holocaust History Here! Interesting Historical information. Lots of potential here. Lawton, Oklahoma A BILLION BUCKS ... AWESOME! This track was great. I have to get this CD. It's awesome. The lyrics are great. This band is going to be big. Keep it up. They are going to go platinum. Dwickers3 - Shelton, Connecticut A BILLION BUCKS ... I'd like to hear it louder. Milkdud - Orlando, Florida WATCH ME ... Did They Just Kick Durst's Ass? Awesome ass track. Way better than Durst could do. infusionbass_1 - Tallahassee, Florida WATCH ME ... Sweet. ... CrazyTownFan - Ottawa WATCH ME ... Very Good Really good stuff here. Good melody. Great thing. Bolos - Montreal, Quebec WATCH ME ... Great Keyboard! The keyboard sounds very nice in this song. F44 Bop, New Zealand WATCH ME ... Cool. I loved the beat of this track. It was awesome. Peachbutt - Markham, ON WATCH ME ... Good Song. Come On. anidiotsdelight - Denver, Colorado WATCH ME ... Da Beats It has cool drums and a cool beat. BlinkX - Marine City, Michigan WATCH ME ... Thumping Bass Line! What a wicked thumping beat this song has! Wicked hard beat tune! adz22 - Uckfield, Sussex, UK WATCH ME ... Talent worth spending money on. RichardJohn - London, England, UK WATCH ME ... Good song !!! Sounds well and pretty soon you will get the spotlight. Mr11 - Newmarket, Ontario SURE PROUD OF MY DAD Nice thought of making a song like this in dedication for your dad. Your dad must be proud of you as well! JonRaven - WOODBRIDGE ON Interesting stuff Nice tribute to our war heros mojimbo - Toronto ON.
Studio: CD Baby
Release Date: 5/1/2001
Item #: 135648X
UPC #: 634479207723
Attributes: NTSC Format
Product Type: DVD

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