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The Great Gildersleeve Movie Collection
Format: DVD Genre: Comedy Video
The Great Gildersleeve Movie Collection

The Great Gildersleeve Movie Collection

Format: DVD Genre: Comedy Video
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Harold Peary brought his hit radio series characterization as pompous functionary Throckmorton P. Gildersleeve to the big screen in these popular RKO comedies. Peary (as Gildersleeve), and many other broadcast luminaries, provided support in "Seven Days' Leave" (1942), the timeframe given for soldier Victor Mature to meet and woo socialite Lucille Ball in order to receive an ancestor's bequest. Gildy took center stage for "The Great Gildersleeve" (1942), as his strained relations with Judge Hooker (Charles Arnt) go from bad to worse when the judge's sister (Mary Field) thinks he's proposing marriage. Jane Darwell, Lillian Randolph co-star. "Gildersleeve's Bad Day" (1943) begins with his reporting for jury duty, and then being suspected of taking a bribe. Darwell, Randolph co-star. Gildy heads to New York to talk pharmaceutical heiress Billie Burke out of closing up shop in "Gildersleeve on Broadway" (1943). Ann Doran co-stars. Last, the spirits of two of Gildy's ancestors (also played by Peary) decide to aid his run for office in "Gildersleeve's Ghost" (1944). 5 1/2 hrs. total on two discs. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono.
Victor Mature
Harold Peary
Jane Darwell
Marion Martin
Billie Burke
Claire Carleton
Nancy Gates
Richard LeGrand
Richard Le Grand
Mapy Cortes
Amelita Ward
Charles Arnt
Ginny Simms
Freddie Mercer
Freddy Martin
Margie Stewart
Russell Wade
Thurston Hall
Hobart Cavanaugh
Marie Blake
Les Brown
Margaret Landry
Marcy McGuire
Frank Jenks
Mary Field
Emory Parnell
Leonid Kinskey
Nicodemus Stewart
Ann Doran
Douglas Fowley
Arnold Stang
Lillian Randolph
Alan Carney
Lynn, Royce and Vanya
Frank Reicher
George Chandler
Grant Withers
Michael Road
Ralph Edwards
Joseph Vitale
Rita Corday
Peter Lind Hayes
Anne O'Neal
Herbert Vigran
Elaine Riley
Charles Gemora
Walter Reed
Dink Trout
Chris Drake
Harold Landon
Shirley O'Hara
John Dilson
Wallace Ford
Charles Cane
Buddy Clark
Loren Raker
Daun Kennedy
Steve Winston
Rosemary LaPlanche
Charles Victor
Lee Phelps
Ken Christy
Joey Ray
Syd Saylor
Harry Clay Reporter
King Kennedy
Joan Barclay
Charles Andre
Frank Dawson
Don Kerr
Jack Norton
Harry Holman
Teddy Infuhr
W. J. O'Brien
Clark Morgan
Earle Ross
Broderick O'Farrell
Mary Halsey
Sylvia Andrew
Addison Richards
Morgan Brown
Sergio Orta
Phyllis Dare
Ralph Robertson
Harry Clay
Bruce Edwards
Willie Fung
Robert Bice
Ronnie Rondell
Lou Davis
Richard Martin
Herbert Berman
Walter Tetley
Frank Martinelli
Robert Andersen
Richard Bartell
Russell Hoyt
Eddie Borden
Forrest Lewis
Henri DeSoto
Eugene Borden
Larry Wheat
Warren Jackson
Louis Payne
Charles Hall
George Carleton
James Clemons Jr.
Ed Thomas
Earle Hodgins
Lawrence Tierney
Jack Gardner
Kernan Cripps
Bob Lemon
Doug Evans
Fred Essler
Fern Emmett
Ralph Dunn
Joe Bernard
Danny Jackson
Johnnie Morris
Fred Trowbridge
Allen Wood
Arthur Loft
Eric Wilton
Herbert Evans
Jack Rice
Charles Flynn
Charles Miller
Max Wagner
Dorothy Maloney
Edgar Sherrod
Barbara Coleman
Ariel Heath
Ann Summers
Tom Burton
Julie Warren
Patti Brill
Mary Stuart
Betty Wells
Barbara Hale
Directors: Tim Whelan, Gordon Douglas
Studio: Warner Archives
Release Date: 1/29/2013
Item #: 582537X
UPC #: 883316692301
SKU #: D39467
Attributes: Full Frame, Manufactured on Demand, Mono Sound
Product Type: DVD
Rating: NR
Closed Caption: No

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