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The Hammer Horror Series: 8-Film Collection
Format: DVD Genre: Horror
The Hammer Horror Series: 8-Film Collection

The Hammer Horror Series: 8-Film Collection

Format: DVD Genre: Horror
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"Brides of Dracula" (1960) stars David Peel as a young man who inherits the bloodsucker's mantle; with Peter Cushing. An illegitimate child is marked with "The Curse of the Werewolf" (1961); Oliver Reed stars. A young couple visits a Bavarian mansion, where they experience "The Kiss of the Vampire" (1962). Noel Willman, Jennifer Daniel star. AKA: "Kiss of Evil." "Night Creatures" (1962) stars Cushing as a vicar who also leads a band of smugglers in 1700s England. AKA: "Captain Clegg." Herbert Lom is the mysterious, deformed madman obsessed with singer Heather Sears in "The Phantom of the Opera" (1962). A teenager begins having horrific visions of her long-dead mother in "Nightmare" (1963), with David Knight and Moira Richmond. "Paranoiac" (1963) centers on a young woman plagued by images of her brother, who committed suicide years earlier. Reed and Janette Scott star. And Cushing is the quintessential mad doctor, rescuing his monster (Kiwi Kingston) from a glacier and attempting to revive him, in "The Evil of Frankenstein" (1964). 11 1/2 hrs. total on four discs. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono; Subtitles: French, Spanish.
Herbert Lom
Peter Cushing
David Knight
Clifford Evans
Janette Scott
Heather Sears
Peter Woodthorpe
Oliver Reed
Moira Redmond
Yvonne Romain
Noel Willman
Martita Hunt
Duncan Lamont
Norman Pierce
Yvonne Monlaur
Thorley Walters
Jennie Linden
Patrick Allen
Liliane Brousse
Catherine Feller
Brenda Bruce
Jennifer Daniel
Alexander Davion
Sandor Eles
Edward de Souza
Freda Jackson
Michael Gough
Katy Wild
Anthony Dawson
Barry Warren
David Peel
Sheila Burrell
George A. Cooper
David Hutcheson
Hira Talfrey
Clytie Jessop
Martin Benson
Martin Miller
Miles Malleson
Maurice Denham
Peter Madden
Henry Oscar
Brian Oulton
Richard Wordsworth
John Bonney
David Lodge
Irene Richmond
James Maxwell
Warren Mitchell
Miriam Karlin
Isobel Black
Derek Francis
John Stuart
Mona Washbourne
Howard Goorney
John Welsh
Noel Howlett
Daphne Anderson
George Woodbridge
John Harvey
Timothy Bateson
Colin Tapley
Andree Melly
Kiwi Kingston
Elizabeth Dear
Vera Cook
Caron Gardner
Harold Lang
Victor Brooks
Milton Reid
John Gabriel
Harold Goodwin
Fred Johnson
Jack MacGowran
Ewen Solon
Hedger Wallace
Tony Arpino
Ian Wilson
Laurie Leigh
Jacqueline Wallis
Peter Halliday
Peter Sallis
Michael Ripper
Marianne Stone
Marne Maitland
Sydney Bromley
Terry Scully
Alister Williamson
Isla Cameron
Sonya Cordeau
Olga Dickie
Sheila Brennan
Jack Taylor
Frank Forsyth
Patrick Troughton
Marie Devereux
Martin Matthews
Margaret Read
Anthony Hinds
Jimmy Sangster
John Elder
Elizabeth Valentine
David Conville
Harold Scott
Gordon Rollings
Bob Head
Anne Blake
Colin Douglas
Denis Shaw
Renee Houston
Joy Webster
William Phipps
John Bennett
Steven Geray
Charles Lamb
Desmond Llewelyn
Maria Palmer
Howard Lang
Michael Peake
Richard Golding
Michael Lewis
Directors: Freddie Francis, Terence Fisher, Dan Sharp, Don Sharp, Peter Graham Scott
Studio: Universal Studios
Number of Discs: 4
Release Date: 9/2/2014
Item #: 1214608X
UPC #: 025192247873
SKU #: D21367
Attributes: Boxed Set, Snap Case
Product Type: DVD
Rating: NR
Closed Caption: Yes

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