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Hammer: Volume Three: Blood & Terror [Import]
Format: Blu-ray Genre: Horror
Hammer: Volume Three: Blood & Terror [Import]

Hammer: Volume Three: Blood & Terror [Import]

Format: Blu-ray Genre: Horror
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Four-disc set includes:

The Camp On Blood Island (1958)

At an isolated POW internment camp in Malaya, the sadistic Japanese commandant has openly vowed to slaughter all occupants in the event of his country’s surrender. With news of Allied victory imminent, a British officer (Andre Morell) acts to suppress the information from his captors, and to arm the prisoners for the inevitable. Lurid Hammer offering co-stars Carl Mohner, Walter Fitzgerald, Edward Underdown; Val Guest directs. 81 min. BW/Rtg: NR

Yesterday's Enemy (1959)

When his detachment is cut off deep in the jungles of WWII-torn Burma, a British officer (Stanley Baker) goes to shocking and barbarous lengths to extract Japanese intel from a captured informer...and then faces long odds in his quest to spare his men similar mercy from the occupying forces. Harrowing war story from Val Guest co-stars Leo McKern, Guy Rolfe, Gordon Jackson. 95 min. BW/Rtg: NR

The Stranglers Of Bombay (1960)

A 19th-century military officer (Guy Rolfe) working for the British East India Company tries to stem the tide of criminality plaguing Bombay, tracing a series of thefts and murders to a cult of evildoers known as the Thuggee. The soldier eventually infiltrates the gang and places his own life at risk. Hammer Films thriller co-stars Jan Holden, Andrew Cruickshank; directed by Terence Fisher. 76 min. BW/Rtg: NR

The Terror Of the Tongs (1961)

No, it’s not a horror film about evil kitchen utensils, it’s a revenge-themed Hammer adventure set in 1910 Hong Kong. A British naval officer (Geoffrey Toone) seeks justice against a murderous, secret Chinese tong--or political party--responsible for the death of his daughter. Christopher Lee, Yvonne Monlaur, Marne Maitland, Burt Kwouk co-star. 76 min. C/Rtg: NR

Studio: Powerhouse Films
Number of Discs: 4
Release Date: 8/3/2018
Item #: 2058793X
UPC #: 5037899071472
Attributes: United Kingdom - Import
Product Type: Blu-ray

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