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The Heart Guy: Series 1 (2016)
Format: DVD Genre: TV Drama
The Heart Guy: Series 1

The Heart Guy: Series 1

Format: DVD Genre: TV Drama
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The Heart Guy: Series 1 - DVD - Gifted, but arrogant heart surgeon Hugh Knight (Rodger Corser, Glitch, The Doctor Blake Mysteries) leads a charmed life in Sydney. He believes his talent let's him live outside the rules-until an incident involving drugs and alcohol brings his world crashing down. Placed on probation and banned from performing surgery, Hugh is forced to retreat to his rarely-visited hometown of Whyhope in rural Australia. Working as a GP at an underfunded hospital under his no-nonsense new boss (Hayley McElhinney, The Babadook), Hugh struggles to re-acclimate to rural life. And his complicated family situation makes his fall from grace even worse. Between his politically-ambitious mother (Tina Bursill, Prisoner: Cell Block H), emotionally distant father (Steve Bisley, The Great Gatsby, Mad Max), and his ex-girlfriend Charlie (Nicole da Silva, Wentworth, Rush) now married to his younger brother, Hugh is constantly reminded why he left Whyhope. Can he start afresh with a clean slate or will his bad-boy tendencies end his medical career for good?
Director: Peter Salmon
Studio: Acorn Media
Release Date: 9/19/2017
Item #: 1904163X
UPC #: 054961260591
Product Type: DVD
Rating: NR
Subtitles: ENG

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