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Heart of an Empire [Import]
Format: DVD Genre: Drama
Heart of an Empire [Import]

Heart of an Empire [Import]

Format: DVD Genre: Drama
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In 1997, Albin Johnson took his obsession with the Star Wars Trilogy to another level by founding the Fighting 501st Legion. His small club set themselves apart from other fans by creating meticulously authentic looking costumes of the film's Imperial Forces and miscellaneous baddies. Over the next decade his legion of stormtroopers, Imperial guards, bounty hunters and Sith Lords would grow to over 4000 armored members and it's focus had shifted away from the conquest of a galaxy far, far away to charity work right here on planet Earth. The Legion's visits to children's hospitals and extreme acts such as running major marathons in full regalia took them from being a small costumed fanclub to a hight profile media sensation."Heart of an Empire" follows the ups and downs of Albin and his fanboy army while exploring the motives, obsessions and the public perception of these eccentric philanthropists. We hear from legion members as well as academics, Lucasfilm representatives and actors from the original Star Wars Trilogy who all try and shed light on the phenomenon. But as the story unfolds it takes an unexpectedly tragic twist when Albin's own daughter is diagnosed with cancer and his surrogate family must come to his aid and reveal what really lies at the Heart of an Empire.
Director: Jay Thompson
Studio: Shock
Number of Discs: 2
Release Date: 9/6/2011
Item #: PID561812
UPC #: 5021456181247
Attributes: Australia - Import, NTSC Region 1
Product Type: DVD
Rating: NR

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