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Hollywoods Leading Ladies Collection (2004)
Format: DVD Genre: Drama, Box Sets
Hollywoods Leading Ladies Collection

Hollywoods Leading Ladies Collection

Format: DVD Genre: Drama, Box Sets
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Packaged in a black leatherette case, this four-disc set includes "Of Human Bondage" (1934), "My Man Godfrey" (1936), "Lady of Burlesque," and "The Last Time I Saw Paris."
William Powell
Elizabeth Taylor
Barbara Stanwyck
Carole Lombard
Michael O'Shea
Van Johnson
Walter Pidgeon
Iris Adrian
Alice Brady
Eddie Gordon
Charles Dingle
Donna Reed
Gail Patrick
Jean Dixon
Eva Gabor
J. Edward Bromberg
Eugene Pallette
Kurt Kasznar
Frank Conroy
George Dolenz
Alan Mowbray
Victoria Faust
Gloria Dickson
Roger Moore
Mischa Auer
Marion Martin
Pat Flaherty
Sandy Descher
Robert Light
Frank Fenton
Celia Lovsky
Frank Baker
Grady Sutton
Douglas Gordon
Peter Leeds
Stephanie Bachelor
Pinky Lee
John Doucette
Selmer Jackson
Franklin Pangborn
Tom Hughes
Janis Carter
Luis Urbina
Edward Gargan
James Flavin
Gilda Fontana
Lou Lubin
James Casey
Robert Perry
Christian Pasques
Gerald Mohr
Bert Hanlon
Steve Mitchell
Grace Fields
Don Kennedy
Claire Carleton
George Chandler
Dick Simmons
Harley Wood
Lee Trent
David Horsley
Jim Hyland
Ed Hinton
Sally Sage
Beal Wong
Ernie Adams
Richard Emory
Steve Wayne
Freddie Walburn
Phyllis Crane
Tempe Pigott
Isabel Withers
Alvin Greenman
Jack Chefe
Albert D'Arno
Eddie Fetherston
Lew Kelly
Florence Auer
Arthur Singley
Peter Bourne
Harry Allen
Norman Du Pont
Reginald Mason
Dave Kashner
Eddie Kane
John Farrow
Tao Perchon
Jane Wyman
Adrian Rosley
Arthur Wanzer
Louise Colombet
Paul McGuire
Loulette Sablon
Ann Codee
Louis Mercier
Lomax Study
John Damler
Angela Stevens
Paul Dubov
Fay Roope
Alberto Morin
Art La Forest
Andre Simson
Jean Heremans
Josette Deegan
Mary Ann Hawkins
Manuel Paris
Gabor Curtiz
Marcel De La Brosse
Max Barwyn
Leonidis Ossetynski
Maya Van Horn
Bruno VeSoto
Harry Cody
Matt Moore
Paul Power
Joe Rubino
Gene Coogan
Arthur Dulac
Jean del Val
Jacqueline Allen
Peter Camlin
John Cromwell
Director: John Cromwell
Studio: Alpha Video
Number of Discs: 4
Release Date: 6/8/2004
Item #: ALP807149
UPC #: 089218071491
SKU #: D97245
Attributes: Boxed Set, Limited Edition, Manufactured on Demand
Product Type: DVD
Closed Caption: No

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