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Holy Rollers (Original Soundtrack)
Artist: Frank Lenz Format: CD Genre: Soundtrack
Holy Rollers (Original Soundtrack)

Holy Rollers (Original Soundtrack)

Artist: Frank Lenz Format: CD Genre: Soundtrack
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It's hard to know where to start a Frank Lenz bio. He's played in a lot bands : The Weepies, Everest, The Headphones, Richard Swift, Pedro The Lion, Lassie Foundation, Starflyer 59, and plenty of others he might not want you to know about! He's has also helped many bands achieve their musical zenith in the studio. He's produced and recorded a lot of bands. Recently, he's been doing music for film and commercials. In 2010 he did the entire soundtrack for the film Strictly Background. And now he's at it again. He wrote and recorded the entire soundtrack for the upcoming film Holy Rollers. The soundtrack is a mix of soft / yacht rock, brushed drums, sparse piano and electronic lines, and then there's some super upbeat 'get dancing' kind of tracks too. It's mostly instrumentals w/ a few beautiful vocal melodies ala Frank's warbly, yet loveable delivery. The film is almost . . . as odd as Mr. Lenz. It's a documentary on 'The True Story of Card Counting Christians'. Basically there is a team of card counting black jack players who have large bank rolls and win money from casinos, which they then turn over to their church. Moral confilcts and issues of trust ensue. The film has been to a swarm of festivals and won a bunch of awards. It will be officially released on 3/06 via Warner Bros., and the soundtrack will be close behind with a release date of 3/20. Give 'Holy Rollers' a listen and try to find out what Frank Lenz is : a musician, a dreamer, a stoner, a lover of life, a maker of music. He's been on extravagant tour buses, and in cramped mini vans on tour ; he's recorded in the nicest studios, and constructed whole pocket symphonies in his apartment; he's had plenty of $100 meals, and he's been truly homeless. He's one of the most interesting people you could meet, and his work sounds just like . . . . Frank Lenz.
Artist(s): Frank Lenz
Label: CD Baby
Release Date: 3/20/2012
Item #: 249605X
UPC #: 885767387782
Product Type: CD

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