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In Old California (1942)
Format: Blu-ray Genre: Westerns
In Old California

In Old California

Format: Blu-ray Genre: Westerns
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Who but John Wayne could get away with playing a two-fisted pharmacist in Gold Rush California? The Duke must trade his pestle for a pistol, though, when he helps some settlers overcome the greedy outlaws preying upon them. Albert Dekker, Binnie Barnes, and Edgar Kennedy also star. 88 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English.
John Wayne
Binnie Barnes
Vera Ralston
Walter Brennan
Ward Bond
Helen Parrish
Mike Mazurki
Patsy Kelly
Ona Munson
Olive Blakeney
Hugo Haas
Nicodemus Stewart
Paul Fix
Grant Withers
Robert Livingston
Olin Howlin
Pierre Watkin
Robert H. Barrat
Art Mix
Bud Osborne
Charles "Slim" Whitaker
Chester Conklin
Ed Brady
Frances Hyland
Frank Ellis
Frank McGlynn Sr.
Frank S. Hagney
Gertrude Purcell
Gladys Atwater
Horace B. Carpenter
J. Robert Bren
Jack Kirk
Lynne Carver
Merrill McCormack
Olin Howland
Pedro de Cordoba
Ralph Peters
Richard Alexander
Robert E. Homans
Albert Dekker
Edgar Kennedy
Dick Purcell
Harry Shannon
Charles Halton
Emmett Lynn
Bob McKenzie
Milt Kibbee
Paul Sutton
Anne O'Neal
Hooper Atchley
Jonathan Hale
James C. Morton
Bobby Blake
Donald Curtis
Paul Hurst
Dick Alexander
Eddy Waller
Freddie Walburn
Michael Miller
Sarah Padden
Jack LaRue
George Cleveland
Karl Hackett
Cecil Weston
Selmer Jackson
Claire DuBrey
Roy Barcroft
Esther Estrella
Larry Thompson
Martin Garralaga
Jack Roper
Forrest Taylor
Fred Graham
Sam Bernard
Cliff Lyons
Marty Faust
Frank Jaquet
Al Murphy
Ruth Robinson
Houseley Stevenson
William Haade
Robert Homans
Harry Tyler
Dick Wessel
Eugene Borden
Slim Whitaker
Peter Cusanelli
Frank Brownlee
Jim Corey
Hector Sarno
Rex Lease
Frank Hagney
James Farley
Wade Crosby
George Lloyd
Linda Stirling
Virginia Wave
Joe McGuinn
Stanley Blystone
Cay Forester
Manart Kippen
Dorothy Granger
Michael Visaroff
Minerva Urecal
Jessie Arnold
Victor Varconi
Paul E. Burns
Guy Usher
Harry McKim
Dorothy Christy
Frank Mills
Fern Emmett
Ed Cassidy
Hal Price
Jack O'Shea
Matt Willis
Jack Carr
Lew Kelly
Directors: Joseph Kane, William McGann
Studio: Olive Films
Release Date: 5/28/2013
Item #: 624431X
UPC #: 887090065207
SKU #: B72056
Attributes: Black & White
Product Type: Blu-ray
Rating: NR
Closed Caption: No

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