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Incredible Places Triple Feature: IMAX (2005)
Format: DVD Genre: Special Interest-Nature, Box Sets
Incredible Places Triple Feature: IMAX

Incredible Places Triple Feature: IMAX

Format: DVD Genre: Special Interest-Nature, Box Sets
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VOLCANOES OF THE DEEP SEA (2004 45 Mins.): The depths of the ocean remain one of the last great mysteries on Earth. Far below the waves is an incredible place teeming with life but few people have seen it until now. For the first time you can be there 12000 feet below the ocean's surface inside an unparalleled undersea volcanic world filled with strange creatures and dramatic landscapes. You've never seen anything like this as brand-new lighting technology far superior to anything that's ever been used before illuminates this secret realm. Exhibited to great acclaim in IMAX and other giant-screen theatres around the world. MYSTERY OF THE NILE (2005 47 Mins.): Join a team of explorers on the expedition of a lifetime as they set off to become the first to navigate the Blue Nile from source to sea. The epic 3260 mile descent down the world's greatest and deadliest river has eluded humankind for centuries until now! Ride shotgun on the team's 16-foot rafts as they crash through the rapids in Ethiopia's desert canyons. Battle through some of the world's most extreme whitewater rapids with renowned kayaker Gordon Brown. Over the arduous four month journey the team faces nearly in-surmountable challenges - from crocodile attacks to armed bandits nd arrests. Through breathtaking cinematography MYSTERY OF THE NILE reveals a wondrous region and abundant treasures from Tissisat Falls and the wonders of Egypt to the forgotten black pyramids of Meroe and 12th century churches that were carved into sheer rock. JOURNEY INTO AMAZING CAVES (2001 40 Mins.): JOURNEY INTO AMAZING CAVES is a visceral suspenseful expedition with a new breed of scientists who boldly explore places once thought off-limits to human presence. Join Dr. Hazel Barton and Nancy Aulenbach as they travel to unique and forbidding ice caves in Greenland underwater caves in the Yucatan terrestrial caves in the Grand Canyon and other spectacular locations. You will wriggle through tiny twisting passages swim through flooded underground vaults drop into gleaming blue labyrinths of ice and enter a world so extreme the microscopic creatures who live there are called extremophiles. For those compelled to push their limits in the world's most hostile environments the risk of fatal danger and thrill of new discovery are the everyday factors that make cave exploration such an awe-inspiring experience. Narrated by Liam Neeson with music by the Moody Blues.
Studio: Image Entertainment
Release Date: 3/26/2013
Item #: 527740X
UPC #: 014381845822
Product Type: DVD
Rating: NR

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