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Waves of Serenity as DVD
Format: DVD Genre: New Age, Music Video (Concert/Performance)
Waves of Serenity as DVD

Waves of Serenity as DVD

Format: DVD Genre: New Age, Music Video (Concert/Performance)
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Waves of Serenity" CD for ages 12 to adult created by Ingrid Edstrom; FNP,M.Ed. of Inner Journeys Healing, helps to bring you on your own journey to a quiet, healing space within through a progressive muscle relaxation exercise and a guided imagery of a beach walk. You will be guided by Ingrid's soothing, velvety voice with a peaceful background of harp music and ocean sounds. What medical experts say about this CD: "These exercises were clearly thought out and are very professionally done. I believe they will be highly effective for individuals who have experience using relaxation and imagery exercises as well as for those for whom this will be a new experience. The music and voice were very soothing, and the imagery was very rich. The narration also reflected a good balance between being directive and allowing the individual to personalize the imagery. I will be happy to have such a good source to recommend to my patients"! Dr. Becky O'Hare, Pediatric Psychology Post-Doctoral Fellow/ University of Massachusetts Medical School,Department of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatric "I think the script is healthy, thoughtfully conceived and artfully produced. Ingrid Edstrom has gone to great lengths to find the balance between what is a positive expectation for positive outcomes and then have the potential for the CD to sound and be prescriptive." Dr.Daniel P. Kohen, MD, Director of Behavioral Pediatrics, Professor of Pediatrics, Family Practice and Community Health at The University of Minnesota Medical School, President of the American Academy of Clinical Hypnotherapy. "I tried your Waves of Serenity CD for the first time this morning and it was great! Just left a little graffiti in the sand "I was there". Of course, it washed away so I will have to revisit the beach tomorrow. It was truly relaxing and I felt much calmer afterwards. This will help a lot of your clients". Veronica T. About Ingrid Edstrom: she has a Masters in Health Education and has been a Family Nurse Practitioner since 1978. She has been a Stress/Pain Management Consultant since 1990 following training at the Mind Body Medical Institute in Boston, Mass. Under Herbert Benson,MD. This CD will accompany her upcoming book entitled "Helping Your Family Cope With Hospitalization, Surgery and Cancer Therapy, Using Mind Body Approaches". She created this CD as a healing tool to be used in her clinical practice in Eugene Oregon as well as in medical settings to enhance relaxation. Who will benefit from this CD: Anyone needing to create a personal retreat! People facing hospitalization, medical procedures. People suffering from insomnia, stress, discomfort or anxiety have found this CD calming and relaxing.
Studio: CD Baby
Release Date: 1/16/2007
Item #: 372864X
UPC #: 620673224291
Attributes: NTSC Format
Product Type: DVD

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