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The Invisible Man: Complete Legacy Collection
Format: DVD Genre: Horror-Monsters
The Invisible Man: Complete Legacy Collection

The Invisible Man: Complete Legacy Collection

Format: DVD Genre: Horror-Monsters
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The Invisible Man Returns (1940) in the guise of Vincent Price as he attempts to clear his name. Nan Grey, Cedric Hardwicke co-star. Then, scientist John Barrymore turns Virginia Bruce into "The Invisible Woman" (1940), featuring Shemp Howard; and the "Invisible Agent" (1942) tries to stop a Nazi plot. Jon Hall, Peter Lorre star. Next, it's "The Invisible Man's Revenge" (1944) when fugitive Hall terrorizes a rich couple. John Carradine, Leon Errol co-star. Three-disc set also includes "The Invisible Man" (1933) and "Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man."
John Barrymore
Vincent Price
Jon Hall
Ilona Massey
Leon Errol
Virginia Bruce
Sir Cedric Hardwicke
Peter Lorre
John Carradine
Nan Grey
John Howard
Alan Curtis
John Sutton
Charlie Ruggles
Cecil Kellaway
J. Edward Bromberg
Oscar Homolka
Evelyn Ankers
Albert Basserman
Gale Sondergaard
Edward Brophy
Alan Napier
Forrester Harvey
Donald MacBride
John Litel
Lester Matthews
Ivan Simpson
Halliwell Hobbes
Holmes Herbert
Margaret Hamilton
Shemp Howard
Leland Hodgson
Keye Luke
Edward Fielding
Anne Nagel
Frances Robinson
Doris Lloyd
Matt Willis
Kathryn Adams
Harry Stubbs
Marty Faust
Ian Wolfe
Billy Bevan
Albert Morin
Maria Montez
Cyril Thornton
Grey Shadow
Rex Evans
Wolfgang Zilzer
Charles Lane
Ferdinand Munier
Frank Hagney
Cyril Delevanti
Eddie Dunn
Leonard Carey
Thurston Hall
Ed Brady
Skelton Knaggs
Matthew Boulton
Eddie Conrad
Philip Van Zandt
Kay Leslie
Hans Schumm
Yorke Sherwood
Kay Linaker
Tom P. Dillon
Bruce Lester
John Burton
Sarah Edwards
Milburn Stone
Guy Kingsford
Paul England
Kitty O'Neil
Jim Aubrey
Lee Tung-Foo
Mary Gordon
Michael Visaroff
Harry C. Bradley
Arthur Gould-Porter
Ellis Irving
Kernan Cripps
Walter Tetley
Lillian Bronson
Dennis Tankard
Pat West
George Lloyd
Janna DeLoos
Leslie Denison
George Kirby
Harry Cording
William Ruhl
Otto Reichow
George Hyde
Maynard Holmes
Leyland Hodgson
Dave Thursby
Mabel Colcord
Wally Scott
Jimmy Aubrey
Bobby Hale
Colin Kenny
Louise Brien
Ralph Dunn
Pat McVey
Hugh Huntley
Lane Chandler
Eric Wilton
Mary Field
John Holland
Charles Flynn
Ernie Adams
Lee Shumway
Clara Blore
Henry Zynda
Ferdinand Schumann-Heink
Henry Guttman
Victor Zimmerman
William Pagan
Duke York
James Craven
Phil Warren
Paul Bryar
John Merton
Donald Curtis
Sven Hugo Borg
Charles Regan
Directors: Edwin L. Marin, Joe May, A. Edward Sutherland, Ford Beebe
Studio: Universal Studios
Number of Discs: 3
Release Date: 9/2/2014
Item #: 1245051X
UPC #: 025192248412
SKU #: D52811
Attributes: Snap Case, Slipsleeve Packaging, With Movie Cash
Product Type: DVD
Closed Caption: No

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