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Isle of the Snake People (1971)
Format: DVD Genre: Horror-Monsters
Isle of the Snake People

Isle of the Snake People

Format: DVD Genre: Horror-Monsters
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Isle of the Snake People - Digitally Remastered. The inhabitants of a small, remote island have been practicing voodoo rites and worshipping an evil priest named Damballah for years, but the local law officials generally turn a blind eye to this death cult's bizarre activities. Captain Labesch (Rafael Bertrand) arrives from the mainland, determined to crack down on the island's lawlessness and clean up the ineffectual, hard-drinking police force. He appeals for assistance from wealthy plantation tycoon Carl Van Molder (Boris Karloff), who owns nearly half of the island and wields a great deal of influence over the population. He warns Labesch not to interfere with this forgotten island's ancient ways. Also visiting is Van Molder's niece, Annabella (Mexican superstar Julissa), a temperance crusader who wants her uncle to help fund the International Anti-Saloon League. Meanwhile, beautiful native girls are being transformed into zombies, and a sinister snake dancer named Kalea (Tongolele) leads them to attack and devour any meddling policemen who get too close to their unholy rituals! Don't miss this Boris Karloffs Psycho-Sexual 60's voodoo masterpiece... or you'll regret it!
Studio: Filmrise
Release Date: 4/14/2015
Item #: 1490778X
UPC #: 889290064752
Attributes: Manufactured on Demand, Remastered, NTSC Format
Product Type: DVD
Rating: R

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