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James Stewart: 6-Movie Western Collection
Format: DVD Genre: Westerns
James Stewart: 6-Movie Western Collection

James Stewart: 6-Movie Western Collection

Format: DVD Genre: Westerns
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Three-disc set includes:

Destry Rides Again (1939)

After the town’s sheriff is gunned down, corrupt saloon keeper Kent (Brian Donlevy) and his gal Frenchy (Marlene Dietrich) hold sway over the good folk of Bottleneck, as well as the local cattle ranchers. The call goes out for justice, and the answer comes in the form of gunless gunslinger Tom Destry, Jr. (James Stewart, in the first of many western roles), who brandishes only his unique wit and charm to bring order back to the town. Charles Winninger, Mischa Auer co-star; George Marshall directs from Max Brand’s novel. 95 min. BW/Rtg: NR

Winchester ’73 (1950)

Unique western film stars James Stewart as Lin McAdam, a cowboy searching for his father's killer and the family rifle that was used against him. As the gun falls into the possession of new "owners," their stories are depicted, all leading to a dramatic conclusion. The first collaboration of Stewart and director Anthony Mann also stars Dan Duryea, Stephen McNally, Shelley Winters, Will Geer, Rock Hudson as the Indian Young Bull, and a young Tony Curtis. 93 min. BW/Rtg: NR

Bend Of The River (1952)

Glyn McLyntock (James Stewart) is a reformed outlaw who now works as a wagon scout helping a group of settlers reach Oregon Territory. He finds he has his hands full dealing with attacking Shoshone Indians, dwindling rations, a gold rush that's driving supply prices up, and a former friend (Arthur Kennedy) who's become a treacherous rival. Julie Adams, Harry Morgan, Lori Nelson, and Rock Hudson also star in this exciting frontier action tale. 92 min. C/Rtg: NR

The Far Country (1955)

Classic western saga from director Anthony Mann stars James Stewart as self-made cattleman Jeff Webster, who dreams of striking it rich in the Klondike gold rush. After moving his herd to Alaska, Webster soon finds trouble in the form of a crooked judge (John McIntire) and the reckless nature of his fellow prospectors. Will his yearn for money spell his downfall? Engaging Northern frontier adventure co-stars Walter Brennan, Ruth Roman, Corinne Calvet, Harry Morgan. 97 min. C/Rtg: NR

Night Passage (1957)

When Grant McLaine (James Stewart) is entrusted with taking the railroad's payroll to the end of the line, he must face off against his fearsome train-robbing brother, "the Utica Kid" (Audie Murphy). Forced to choose between duty and family, can Grant bring his unlawful sibling to justice? Thrilling western yarn from the novel by Norman A. Fox co-stars Dan Duryea, Brandon De Wilde, Dianne Foster. 91 min. C/Rtg: NR

The Rare Breed (1966)

In this fine family western brimming with action, comedy, and romance, cowboy Sam Burnett (James Stewart) accompanies an heiress (Maureen O'Hara) and her daughter (Juliet Mills) on a journey across the frontier to deliver a prize bull. Hoping to assist the women in carrying out this final wish of their deceased husband and father, Sam becomes their guardian through dangerous territory even as he develops powerful feelings for the widow. With Brian Keith, Jack Elam, and Ben Johnson. 97 min. C/Rtg: NR

Standard/Widescreen; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono; Subtitles: Spanish, French.

James Stewart
Marlene Dietrich
Arthur Kennedy
Maureen O'Hara
Ruth Roman
Shelley Winters
Audie Murphy
Mischa Auer
Brian Keith
Dan Duryea
Julia Adams
Corinne Calvet
Juliet Mills
Dianne Foster
Walter Brennan
Rock Hudson
Stephen McNally
Charles Winninger
John McIntire
Millard Mitchell
Don Galloway
Brian Donlevy
Lori Nelson
Elaine Stewart
Brandon de Wilde
David Brian
Allen Jenkins
Charles Drake
Jay C. Flippen
Warren Hymer
Chubby Johnson
Irene Hervey
Will Geer
Ben Johnson
Steve Brodie
Herbert Anderson
Una Merkel
Connie Gilchrist
Robert J. Wilke
Harry Carey Jr.
Hugh Beaumont
Frances Bavier
Robert Wilke
Perry Lopez
Billy Gilbert
Samuel S. Hinds
John Alexander
Larry Domasin
Howard Petrie
Stepin Fetchit
Jack Carson
Royal Dano
Tommy Cook
Alan Caillou
Silvia Marino
Paul Fix
Jack Lambert
Jack Elam
James Millican
Tom Fadden
Abner Biberman
Frank Ferguson
Virginia Brissac
Kathleen Freeman
Gregg Palmer
Olive Carey
Edmund MacDonald
Cliff Lyons
Barbara Werle
James Flavin
Connie Van
Anthony Curtis
Norman Kent
Donald Curtis
Guy Wilkerson
Lillian Yarbo
James Best
Gregg Barton
Joe King
Ellen Corby
Gregg Martell
Jim O'Hara
Lillian Randolph
Ann Todd
John Day
Eddy C. Waller
Frank Chase
Kenny Williams
Dickie Jones
Britt Wood
Chuck Roberson
Stuart Randall
Carmen D'Antonio
Carol Henry
Jack Williams
Ray Teal
Harry Cording
Dal McKennon
Herold Goodwin
Dick Alexander
Virginia Mullen
Allan Ray
George Taylor
Eugene Borden
Boyd Stockman
Minerva Urecal
Chief Yowlachie
Hugh Prosser
John Doucette
Henry Wills
Bob McKenzie
Robert Foulk
Donald Kerr
Frank Conlan
Billy Bletcher
Willard Willingham
Lloyd Ingraham
Ray Bennett
Paul Bryar
Harry Arnie
Bill Cody Jr.
Polly Burson
Charles Bennett
Damian O'Flynn
Bob Anderson
Terry Frost
Loren Brown
Harold DeGarro
Ted Mapes
Larry Olsen
Edwin Parker
Tim Hawkins
Don Harvey
Harry Tenbrook
John Halloran
Bill McKenzie
Bud McClure
Edmund Cobb
Chief Big Tree
Forrest Taylor
Marjorie Stapp
Carl Harbaugh
Mary Shannon
Norman Ollestad
Robert Bice
Dora Clement
Florence Dudley
Ethan Laidlaw
Paul Savage
Tony Taylor
Robert Winans
Mel Archer
Dick Dickinson
Monte Montague
Bonnie Kay Eddy
Jack Dixon
Jennings Miles
John War Eagle
Duke Yorke
Bud Osborne
Jack Curtis
Harry Morgan
Directors: James Neilson, Andrew V. McLaglen, George Marshall, Anthony Mann
Studio: Universal Studios
Number of Discs: 3
Release Date: 6/13/2017
Item #: 1870021X
UPC #: 191329016541
Attributes: 3 Pack
Product Type: DVD
Rating: NR

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