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The James Stewart: Signature Collection
Format: DVD Genre: Drama-Classics, Box Sets
The James Stewart: Signature Collection

The James Stewart: Signature Collection

Format: DVD Genre: Drama-Classics, Box Sets
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The Stratton Story (1949) is an excellent sports biography starring James Stewart as Monty Stratton, a pitcher with the Chicago White Sox whose career appears over when his leg is amputated after a hunting accident. Using an artificial leg and lots of determination, Stratton attempts to make an amazing comeback to the mound. With June Allyson, Frank Morgan and major leaguers Bill Dickey and Gene Bearden. Five-disc set also includes "The Naked Spur," "The Spirit of St. Louis," "The FBI Story," "The Cheyenne Social Club," and "Firecreek." 11 1/3 hrs. total. Standard; Soundtracks: English Dolby Digital mono, French Dolby Digital mono; Subtitles: English, Spanish, French.
James Stewart
Janet Leigh
Henry Fonda
Murray Hamilton
Vera Miles
Patricia Smith
Shirley Jones
Robert Ryan
Sue Ane Langdon
Bartlett Robinson
Ralph Meeker
Larry Pennell
Nick Adams
Elaine Devry
Marc Connelly
Millard Mitchell
Arthur Space
Robert Middleton
Diane Jergens
Arch Johnson
Charles Watts
Robert Cornthwaite
Mary Lawrence
Joyce Taylor
Jackie Russell
Victor Millan
Sheila Bond
Parley Baer
Harlan Warde
Jackie Joseph
Sharon de Bord
Fay Roope
Dabbs Greer
Gene Bearden
Paul Birch
Richard Collier
Ed Prentiss
Charles Tyner
Robert Burton
Jean Willes
Buzz Martin
Robert J. Wilke
Mitchell Lewis
Ed Pennybacker
Paul Genge
Michael Ross
Maurice Manson
Carl Reindel
J. Pat O'Malley
James O'Rear
Michael Garrett
James Nolan
Jason Wingreen
John Truax
Florence Lake
John Dehner
Griff Barnett
Anne Nagel
Will J. White
Hal Baylor
John Lee
Charlotte Stewart
Sid Kane
Barbara Wooddell
Alphonse Martel
Alberto Morin
Roy Gordon
Myron Healey
Nelson Leigh
Holmes Herbert
Robert Graham
Jack Daly
Warren Kemmerling
Eugene Persson
Carleton Young
Lee Tung Foo
Eugene Borden
Phil Mead
Kimberly Beck
Jennie Lynn
Erville Alderson
Ralph Littlefield
Charles B. Smith
Olin Howlin
Red Morgan
Aaron Spelling
Syd Saylor
George Melford
Virginia Christine
Dean Smith
Richard Boyer
Sid Saylor
Bill Hicks
George Ovey
Eleanor Audley
William Norton Bailey
John Damler
Lee Roberts
Bill Davis
Walt Davis
Ray Walker
Cy Stevens
George Pembroke
Polly Bailey
Robert B. Williams
David Alpert
Vangie Beilby
Rand Harper
Luana Anders
Mabel Smaney
Richard Deacon
Jessie Arnold
Ann Morrison
Elizabeth Harrower
William Neff
Jim Drum
Charles Sullivan
Forrest Taylor
Percival Vivian
Clarence Hennecke
George Selk
Ann Doran
Kenneth Tobey
Pauline Drake
Al McGranary
Audley Anderson
Paul Brinegar
Pat Flaherty
Fred Millican
John "Red" Burger
Britt Wood
Vera Denham
Brick Sullivan
Mike Pat Donovan
Fern Barry
Ella Ethridge
John Carlyle
David McMahon
Jack Powell
John Pickard
Gordon Barnes
Rush Williams
Tom Monroe
John McKee
Fred Somers
Terry Frost
William Hall
Harold McNulty
John Hiestand
Jack Kenney
Wesley Hopper
Tony Hughes
Carl Saxe
James Macklin
Karl Johnson
Max Wagner
Vince St. Cyr
Eddie Little Sky
Stuart Nedd
Jack Worth
Chief Yowlachie
Dwight Adams
Jimmy Bates
Charles Bruner
Dorothy Sky Eagle
Charles Soldani
Mary Lou Clifford
Gerald Priddy
Guy Teague
Paul Smith
Kay Kuter
William White
Sam Flint
John Kerr
John Warner
Maurice Wells
Mike Smith
Burt Mustin
Guy Wilkerson
William Phipps
Grandon Rhodes
Theona Bryant
Bob Peoples
Scott Peters
Jack E. Henderson
Jane Crowley
George Khoury
Stacy Keach
John Quijada
Jack Brewer
Larry Ward
Charles Bateman
Patrick Whyte
Robert Clarke
Ray Montgomery
Nesdon Booth
Jack Tesler
Steve Mesner
Dorothy Neumann
Ben Erway
Charles Postal
Mickey McCardle
Roy Thinnes
Judd Holdren
Morgan Lane
Lowell Brown
George Woods
Charles Stevens
Lou Stringer
Joan Dupuis
Frank Kelleher
Susan Davis
Barbara Beall
Herman Rudin
Don Ross
Todd Davis
Ed Wagner
George Metkovich
Sam Wood
Director: Sam Wood
Studio: Warner Home Video
Number of Discs: 6
Release Date: 11/20/2012
Item #: 418647X
UPC #: 883929280872
SKU #: D64032
Attributes: Boxed Set, Repackaged, Slipsleeve Packaging
Product Type: DVD
Rating: NR
Closed Caption: Yes

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