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Airplay for the Planet
Format: DVD Genre: Jazz, Music Video (Concert/Performance)
Airplay for the Planet

Airplay for the Planet

Format: DVD Genre: Jazz, Music Video (Concert/Performance)
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This DVD is partly based on the instructional video (VHS format) Guitar Play For The Planet released in 1995 by Rittor Music, Japan. Jay Graydon talks about a few of his guitar solos on the album Airplay for the Planet and demonstrates how to play them. He also reveals the technique behind playing harmonics, how things work with scales and shapes, his favorite licks and much more... --------------- Please note this video was recorded in the mid 1990's so some of the information is kind of dated. For example, if using two mikes on a guitar amp, I mentioned possible phase problems. If using Pro Tools (or the like), the phase issue can easily be taken care of (if both mikes are recorded to two separate tracks) by shifting the "late" track "sample accurate" as to line up with the other guitar track. As to guitar tuners, I had mentioned the Conn Strobe Tuner was the best but maybe not affordable. In this era, Planet Waves and Peterson make strobe tuners, which are very accurate and affordable. On another note, I was about 25 pounds heavier (when shooting the video) than I am now. Ouch!!! I cut back on the carbohydrates as to drop the weight. In conclusion, I hope my input on the video is educational on some level. Jay Graydon.
Jay Graydon
Studio: CD Baby
Release Date: 12/15/2009
Item #: 145178X
UPC #: 884502242812
Product Type: DVD

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