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Jean Harlow: 7-Film Collection
Format: DVD Genre: Drama, Comedy Video
Jean Harlow: 7-Film Collection

Jean Harlow: 7-Film Collection

Format: DVD Genre: Drama, Comedy Video Theme: Romance
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Hollywood's legendary "blonde bombshell," Jean Harlow, shines in this seven-disc set. Harlow plays a cannery worker who falls for a fisherman/union activist (Spencer Tracy), in the drama "Riffraff" (1935), co-starring Mickey Rooney. Jean plays the title role in the WWI melodrama "Suzy" (1936), where she thinks her inventor husband Terry (Franchot Tone) was killed by spies, moving to Paris and marrying a pilot (Cary Grant)...only to learn Terry survived. A playboy (Robert Taylor) is coaxed into keeping an eye on a bankrupt widow (Harlow), in the romantic comedy "Personal Property" (1937). And in Jean's final film, "Saratoga" (1937), she's a horse breeder's daughter who's drawn to a bookie (Clark Gable). With Lionel Barrymore. Also includes "Bombshell," "The Girl from Missouri," and "Reckless." 10 1/2 hrs. total. Standard; Soundtrack: English.
Jean Harlow
Clark Gable
Spencer Tracy
William Powell
Robert Taylor
Lee Tracy
Cary Grant
Reginald Owen
Frank Morgan
Lionel Barrymore
Franchot Tone
May Robson
Lewis Stone
Joseph Calleia
Walter Pidgeon
Pat O'Brien
Victor Killian
Patsy Kelly
Benita Hume
Henrietta Crosman
Reginald Mason
Alan Mowbray
Una Merkel
E. E. Clive
Mickey Rooney
Rosalind Russell
Ted Healy
Cliff Edwards
Clara Blandick
Cora Witherspoon
Inez Courtney
J. Farrell MacDonald
Roger Imhof
Marla Shelton
George Zucco
Hale Hamilton
Greta Meyer
Ivan Lebedeff
Forrester Harvey
Henry Kolker
Henry Stephenson
David Clyde
Jonathan Hale
Juanita Quigley
Isobel Jewell
Man-Mountain Dean
Lionel Braham
Hattie McDaniels
Paul Hurst
Louise Beavers
Christian Rub
Nat Pendleton
Frankie Darro
Leonard Carey
Barnett Parker
Vince Barnett
Robert Light
George Spelvin
Marion Lord
Henry Stone
Carol Tevis
Mary Forbes
Dorothy Appleby
Una O'Connor
Allan Jones
William Stack
C. Aubrey Smith
Judith Wood
Theodore Von Eltz
Carl Stockdale
Jimmy Aubrey
Desmond Roberts
Carl Randall
Wyndham Standing
Louise Henry
June Brewster
Arthur Housman
Leyland Hodgson
Ruth Gillette
Stanley Morner
Charles Judels
Wade Boteler
William Newell
Douglas Gordon
Norman Ainsley
James Ellison
Charley Foy
Nina Mae McKinney
Joe Phillips
Tempe Pigott
Bert Roach
Robert Emmett Keane
James Burke
Howard Hickman
Elspeth Dudgeon
Mary Carr
Edgar Dearing
Charles Requa
Leon Waycoff
Maidel Turner
Tyler Brooke
Robert Cory
Al Hill
Frank McGlynn Sr.
Lee Phelps
Herbert Evans
Helen Flint
Margaret Hamilton
Robert Livingston
Alice Weaver
John Powers
Lionel Pape
Lillian Harmer
Lane Chandler
Ferdinand Gottschalk
Bobby Hale
Pat West
Bob Perry
Ralph Bushman
Juan de la Cruz
George Givot
Majel Coleman
Luana Walters
Thomas A. Braidon
John Hyams
Sam Flint
Alice Lake
Helene Costello
Frederick Sewell
Rafaelo Ottiano
Walter Robbins
Richard Tucker
Billy Bevan
Harry Depp
King Mojave
Tom Ricketts
Frank Dawson
Harrison Greene
Irene Franklin
Walter Clinton
Charles McNaughton
Al Herman
Philo McCullough
Gladys Hulette
Bill Carey
Ben Bard
Sherry Hall
John Rogers
Ernie Stanton
Brooks Benedict
Franklyn Ardell
Harry Cording
Jack Byron
Charles C. Wilson
John "Skins" Miller
Stanley Price
Adrienne d' Ambricourt
Charles Williams
Joseph R. Tozer
Hank Mann
Herman Marx
Fuzzy Knight
Eddie Sturgis
Hugh Huntley
Nick Copeland
John George
Frank Marlowe
George Davis
Forbes Murray
Edward Peil Sr.
Maude Eburne
Robert Adair
Harry Garrison
James Marcus
George Reed
Billy McClain
Douglas Fowley
Joe Garion
Robert Stevenson
Art Berry Sr.
Si Jenks
Herbert Ashley
Sam McDaniel
Deacon McDaniel
George Chandler
Garry Owen
Bert Moorhouse
Shirley McDonald
Larry McGrath
Drew Demorest
Mel Ruick
Ed Hart
Addison Richards
William Burress
Ivar McFadden
Patsy O'Connor
Charles R. Moore
William R. Arnold
Fred "Snowflake" Toones
Mary Wallace
Montague Shaw
Charles Coleman
May Beatty
Hooper Atchley
Sarah Edwards
Brenda Fowler
Edward James Flanagan
Tammany Young
Ray Brown
Gertrude Simpson
Joseph E. Bernard
Fiske O'Hara
The Esquires
Marshall Ruth
Wilbur Mack
Arthur Stuart Hull
Grace Saxon
Harry C. Bradley
Gus Reed
Frank Darien
Nick Thompson
Sidney D'Albrook
Red Burger
Wally Maher
Jack Cheatham
Ernie Adams
John Sheehan
Edward Pawley
G. Pat Collins
Tiny Sandford
Sidney Bracy
Directors: Sam Wood, Victor Fleming, J. Walter Ruben, Jack Conway, Geo. Fitzmaurice, W. S. Van Dyke II
Studio: Warner Archives
Number of Discs: 6
Release Date: 9/19/2017
Theme: Romance
Item #: 1952182X
UPC #: 888574553630
Attributes: Boxed Set, Manufactured on Demand, Full Frame, Amaray Case
Product Type: DVD
Rating: NR

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