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Spacecamp (Expanded Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Import]
Artist: John Williams Format: CD Genre: Soundtrack
Spacecamp (Expanded Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Import]

Spacecamp (Expanded Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Import]

Artist: John Williams Format: CD Genre: Soundtrack Theme: Grammy Winning Artist
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Wow! Exhilarating John Williams soundtrack gets expanded release! A lot of hands former and past have been attached to this 1986 space travel adventure: ABC, RCA, Sony, 20th Century Fox, Disney all have some relationship to film or score... and Intrada, in 2-CD set fully-expanded and remastered from recently unearthed original 3-track mixes made by Armin Steiner at the original sessions. New stereo audio, mastered by Mike Matessino, is superb! Harry Winer directs splendid cast of young stars Lea Thompson, Kelly Preston, Tate Donovan, Larry B. Scott, really young Joaquin Phoenix with grownups Kate Capshaw, Tom Skerritt working to keep them alive as they find themselves accidentally launched deep into outer space during an astronaut training program. John Williams comes off his recently celebrated 1984 Olympic Fanfare music with his first score drawing on that rousing vernacular with powerful orchestral crescendoes for young astronaut challenges of limited air pressure, zero gravity, insufficient oxygen, re-entry dangers and whatnot. Wonders of space, mysteries of exploration are also captured in rich musical portrait which is equal parts the soaring E.T., the flourishing Star Wars and harmonious Howard Hanson. When inexperienced crew pulls together as team, accomplishes incredible return to earth, Williams unleashes one of his most powerful fortissimo finales of his amazing career, then tops it further with exuberant end credit music packed with rhythmic excitement. One of this legendary composer's musical triumphs for sure! Real-life tragedy of January 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger disaster brought insurmountable challenge for film itself at the box office. Short-lived original RCA album of highlights was the last John Williams score not receiving a CD at time of release. Subsequent 1992 release from Japan is followed by Intrada CD in 2010 and reissue in 2014. Now entire score appears with first-ever release of masterful and exciting "Arriving at Daedalus" sequence, yearning "I Can't Reach It", moving "Jinx Commits", more. Second disc preserves that classic original album as well. Flipper-style cover art, informative notes from Matessino, handsome package design from Kay Marshall wrap everything up in nice bow. "It Started As A Dream..,. It Became A Fantastic Adventure" was an advertising tagline of the day. It describes the long journey to get this definitive presentation of John Williams music available at last! John Williams composes, conducts Hollywood Studio Symphony. Intrada Special Collection 2-CD set available while quantities and interest remain!
Artist(s): John Williams
Label: Intrada
Number of Discs: 2
Release Date: 6/10/2022
Item #: 2493818X
UPC #: 720258547408
Attributes: Expanded Version, Italy - Import
Product Type: CD

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