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Secret Weapons for the Modern Drummer Part 2
Format: DVD
Secret Weapons for the Modern Drummer Part 2

Secret Weapons for the Modern Drummer Part 2

Format: DVD
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With this sequel to his award-winning bestseller on hand technique, Jojo Mayer covers a wide range of techniques, from the most fundamental to the most sophisticated. State-of-the-art visualization and in-depth analysis offer easy to follow, step-by-step instructions for drummers of every skill level. *Contents: introduction - basic approach to foot technique bass drum technique fundamentals: the heel down technique - the heel up technique / basics - heel down vs. Heel up - playing in vs. Out of the bass drum - the pivot bass drum hybrid techniques: double strokes - the constant release technique - exploiting rebound / dislocated spring exercise - the rocking motion - the swiveling technique - the heel toe technique - the Mayer power slide technique - grouping exercises - the Moeller pumping motion talk shop: history of bass drum pedals - anatomy of the bass drum pedal - adjusting the bass drum pedal - bass drum and pedal set up - the perfect balance pedal - shoes - my secret weapon: the no friction approach - single vs. Double pedal the hi hat: hi hat history - hi hat anatomy / set up and adjustment - hi hat technique / basics - splashing - hybrid techniques for hi hat - double stroke technique for hi hat chops factory: speed - control -managing beater flutter balance: the drum seat - seat height and posture foot coordination: single stroke coordination - double stroke coordination - epilogue plus: additional bonus material, tips and performance clips
Studio: Hudson Music
Release Date: 10/28/2014
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