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Roots Music: One-String Diddley Bow
Format: DVD Genre: Blues
Roots Music: One-String Diddley Bow

Roots Music: One-String Diddley Bow

Format: DVD Genre: Blues
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People have been crafting musical instruments from found objects for thousands of years. These instruments spawned the musical roots of Blues, Traditional, Folk, and Gospel genres in a very literal way, because the original innovators of these genres generally started playing on homemade instruments like the One String Diddley Bow and 3-String Guitar. Because of this, roots instruments informed the approach that these musicians took... So if you want to play roots music, you need to learn how to play roots instruments! For centuries music was passed down from one person to another in the folk tradition. One person would play and explain a song, riff, or style, imparting the knowledge needed to perform the piece to another. Learning in this traditional way improves the student's ear and gets them thinking about music as MUSIC, not as notes on paper. This is the approach that Justin takes to teaching the songs, riffs, and techniques in this DVD Series. In other words, you will learn music the way that the Roots music pioneers learned... person-to-person and note-by-note! Chapter 1 Introduction to the One-String Diddley Bow •Tuning •How to Hold The Diddley Bow •What String To Use •Fretted vs. Fretless •Guitar vs. Lap Style Diddley Bow Chapter 2 "The Bo Diddley Beat" •How to Hold the Pick •Strumming Techniques •Left-Hand Muting Chapter 3 "In the Style of Muddy Waters" •Slide Guitar Playing •How to Choose a Slide •How to Hold a Slide •Vibrato Technique Chapter 4 •Scales on the Diddley Bow •Major Scale •Major Pentatonic Scale •Minor Scale •Minor Pentatonic Scale Chapter 5 "Blues in the Style of Elmore James' Dust My Broom" •Blues Slide Technique • Blues Riff Vocabulary Chapter 6 Helpful Resources Chapter 7 Closing Credits.
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Release Date: 8/20/2014
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