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Momz Hot Rocks
Format: DVD Genre: Punk, Music Video (Concert/Performance)
Momz Hot Rocks

Momz Hot Rocks

Format: DVD Genre: Punk, Music Video (Concert/Performance)
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MOMz HOT ROCKs is a feature length original music documentary on the emergence of mom rock bands, 2004-2006. Turning the rock genre on it's belly, they are the first children of the rock and roll generation to be louder than their kids. Introducing Joy Rose, mother of 4, lead singer of Housewives on Prozac, GodMother of MomRock, and founder of MAMAPALOOZA, the film looks at: Candy Band; the Mydols; Placenta; Frump; and Motherlode Trio from NY, Texas, California, Detroit & Nashville. MOMz captures the 2004 beginning of the continually increasing media attention as these bands first meet each other and converge in NYC for Mamapalooza in May of 2005. It follows the ups and downs of the bands thru May of 2006 when Mamapalooza has spread to over 30 cities worldwide including those in England and Australia. The concept and reality are humorous, fast paced and intense. Each of the bands is a completely different entity, each member with unique passions, duties and agendas. Being in a band is likened to being in a marriage and these groups of women formed during and after family life. Never Mind the Laundry, The balancing act only intensifies as tasks increase with both family and blossoming new musical careers. Simple things like getting kids to school, scheduling rehearsals and playing gigs roll into a ball of chaos and land in a lullaby. One thing that the documentary exposes is how hard working and dedicated these women are to playing music in order to inspire others to express themselves somehow, all the while maintaining enormous daily responsibility. MOMz HOT ROCKs is both a documentary and a music video, it combines the best of both of these genres and brings the audience an entertaining look into how women--MOMz, take on the world, manage their full lives and make music to rock your socks off.
Studio: CD Baby
Release Date: 4/9/2010
Item #: SRD230287
UPC #: 792382302871
Product Type: DVD

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