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Wild About Love
Format: DVD Genre: Special Interest
Wild About Love

Wild About Love

Format: DVD Genre: Special Interest
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Never marry anyone you love - Only marry people you like, then learn how to love them. This is just one of the 'jewels of knowledge' you will learn from this DVD, while laughing your butt off. If you love someone, and the love ends..it is over, when you like someone, the friendship keeps you together until you rediscover why you fell in love (which you will- give it some time). How do you make a woman feel sexy? You can't. You can only make her feel safe- if she feels safe enough with you, then when she FEELS sexy, she will explore the feelings with you. How do you fight? Why do I care? Because it looks like fighting styles are the main reason relationships end (note: read anything written by John Gottman - University of Washington - for details) I know some of you are thinking ; 'We never fight.' Well, then one of you is not necessary. Watch this DVD - or buy my CD (Comedy for Couples) and you, and your partner, can have a great laugh; while you learn how to fight. Kevin is not a guru, just a guy who is smitten by his wife and best friend for the last twenty five years. Kathy is my universe. No we are not codependent, we are interdependent. No one ever mistakes my Kathy for me. She is a strong intelligent caring woman ( as are you - if you are female and read this far) and I am a man in love with his wife. This DVD is all about love and relationships, and we want everyone to have what we have, a strong commitment to each other based on friendship and love. It is also drop dead funny! Some of Kathy's sayings: Kevin will either die in my arms, or at the end of them. Kevin can cheat once...because, you can't cheat twice with a bullet through your heart. Children only want to hear three things from their parents: ' I love you, your fears are real, and it is going to be okay.' this also aplies to women and in the long run, to all of us. What a wise woman I married. Get the DVD, laugh and learn. Hugs, Kevin and Kathy.
Studio: CD Baby
Release Date: 12/30/2004
Item #: 135146X
UPC #: 634479068041
Product Type: DVD

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