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Killer Bride's Perfect Crime (2009)
Format: DVD Genre: Drama, Foreign
Killer Bride's Perfect Crime

Killer Bride's Perfect Crime

Format: DVD Genre: Drama, Foreign
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Hiroko spent 25 years failing at everything but for the first time, luck is on her side. She's about to marry the man of her dreams: The rich, handsome and charming Kenichi. On the day before her wedding, however, she ends up accidentally killing her landlord. Determined to go through with her wedding as planned, she resorts to the unthinkable. She will drive to Mouth Fuji to dump the body. There, she will meet a suicidal woman named Kobayashi, who will offers to help dispose of the body - if Hiroko will help Kobayashi commit suicide. Hiroko is appalled by this proposition, but before the negotiations go any further, the two women learn they are not alone in the forest. Soon, the girls find themselves being chased by a menacing biker gang, hit men and a bicycle cop. Through a series of events involving a lodge owner, a singing star, a devoted fan in a gorilla suit, a weird friendship begins to build, as Hiroko strives to make it to the altar the next day. Will Hiroko be able to have a wedding? Will Kobayashi find a new reason for hope? And, what will become of the corpse?
Director: Goro Kishitani
Studio: Pathfinder Home Ent.
Release Date: 12/27/2011
Item #: PFPI792759
UPC #: 825307927597
Attributes: Subtitled
Product Type: DVD
Subtitles: ENG

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