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Kojak: The Complete Movie Collection
Format: DVD Genre: TV Crime
Kojak: The Complete Movie Collection

Kojak: The Complete Movie Collection

Format: DVD Genre: TV Crime
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This four-disc collection of "Kojak" features leads off with the lollipop-loving lieutenant's (Telly Savalas) introduction in the gripping made-for-TV movie "The Marcus-Nelson Murders" (1973), in which Kojak suspects his colleagues of rigging a murder case. Lorraine Gary, Marjoe Gortner, and José Ferrer co-star. In "The Belarus File" (1985), Kojak uncovers a conspiracy involving both the Nazis and Soviets; in "The Price of Justice" (1987), Kojak gets close to a female murder suspect; "Ariana" (1989) finds Theo coping with a new partner and the lure of a Greek girl; Kojak looks for the "Fatal Flaw" (1989) in the case of a murder victim with mob ties; in "None So Blind" (1990), Kojak protects a woman who saw a murder; "It's Always Something" (1990), as Theo learns when he is suspected of killing a prostitute; and "Flowers for Matty" (1990) finds Kojak solving a homicide involving an author. 13 1/3 hrs. total. Standard/Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English; interviews.
Telly Savalas
Max von Sydow
Henry Brown Jr.
Billy "Sly" Williams
Kevin Dobson
Kate Nelligan
Angie Dickinson
Ken Solarino
Kitty Carlisle
Darren McGavin
Margaret Whitton
Pat Hingle
Suzanne Pleshette
Marjoe Gortner
Marco St. John
Jack Thompson
Barbara Garrick
Herbert Berghof
Donald Moffat
Jose Ferrer
Jerry Orbach
David Ciminello
Kario Salem
George Morfogen
Ned Beatty
Glynnis O'Connor
Dan Frazer
Brian Murray
Terry Kinney
Barbara Barrie
Andre Braugher
John Bedford Lloyd
Marcia Gay Harden
Allen Garfield
Jaime Sanchez
Hector Elizondo
Betsy Aidem
James Remar
Jeffrey DeMunn
David Margulies
Alan North
Alan Rosenberg
Gene Woodbury
Charles Brown
Matthew Cowles
William Watson
Amanda Plummer
Tony di Benedetto
Steven Weber
Tom Atkins
Caroline Wilde
Val Bisoglio
Richard Lynch
Liliana Komorowska
Shari Headley
Ron Frazier
Joseph Ragno
Lorraine Gary
Stephen Joyce
Ashley Crow
David Leary
Mary Testa
Louis A Perez
Joe Grifasi
Charles Cioffi
Harry Davis
Eddie Jones
Earl Hindman
Roger Robinson
Quentin Crisp
Jean de Baer
Rita Karin
Rip Torn
Richard Jenkins
Jaime Tirelli
Harriet Karr
Mark B Russell
Martin Shakar
Robert Dorfman
Chita Rivera
Daniel Ziskie
Sally Jessy Raphael
Lloyd Gough
Cordelia Gonzalez
Ed Lauter
Liane Curtis
Joseph Carberry
Vince Conti
Don King
Fausto Bara
Antonia Rey
Rudolph Willrich
Joe Maruzzo
Bruce Kirby
Tom Klunis
Bill Cwikowski
Novella Nelson
Gerry Bamman
Larry Joshua
Candace Savalas
Otto von Wernherr
Kenneth Ryan
Georgina Corbo
Kevin Eshelman
Adam Klugman
Robert Walden
Thomas G. Waites
John P. Connolly
Mike Starr
Robert Fields
Michael Longfield
Elizabeth Sung
Adam LeFevre
Luke Reilly
Robert Burke
Lee Wallace
Lynn Hamilton
Tom Mardirosian
James Rebhorn
Al Rodriguez
Randy Danson
Michael Sergio
Kelly Curtis
Kendall Mclean
Lawrence Pressman
Madison Arnold
Norman Matlock
Richard Clarke
Mary Kane
Frank Pellegrino
Davenia McFadden
Bruce Hubbard
Miriam Cruz
John Sylvester White
Spiro Malas
Carolyn Nelson
Burt Marshall
Paul-Felix Montez
Michael Santoro
John Speredakos
Kitty Crooks
Nelson Vasquez
James Remini
Harry Murphy
Stanley Tucci
Paul Jenkins
George Kyle
Angela Pietropinto
Ray Gill
Helen Page Camp
James Mathers
Barry Lynch
Alvin A Carmines
Bill Fretwell
Mario Todisco
Linda Gillen
Margaret Thomson
Ellen Moss
E. Brian Dean
George Savalas
Richard Council
Philip Kraus
Robert Hock
Frank Cuervo
E Eric Donlan
Bryan Michael McGuire
Michael Luciano
Naya G Tolischus
Sheila Stainback
Sheila V Evans
Alan Manson
Steve Park
Helen Hanft
Tom Brennan
Patrick Breen
Fred Holliday
Nick Georrgiade
Gus Savalas
Richard Compton
Bruce Nozick
Kevin Dornan
Ed Steele
Richard Lowy
Joshua Shelley
Stephen Payne
Maria Cellario
James Leggi
Patricia O'Connell
Ted Neustadt
A L Sheppard
John Corey
Alex Colon
Steven Randazzo
Ben Hammer
David Rosenbaum
Elizabeth Clemens
Effie Cochran
Louis Eppolito
Tol Avery
Bill Zuckert
Jerry Strivelli
Vanessa Juvelis
Peter Jovanis
Elizabeth Berger
Paul Guilfoyle II
Lora Kaye
Tony Novell
Steven Gravers
Directors: Robert Markowitz, Richard Compton, Joseph Sargent, Paul Krasny, Alan Metzger, Charles Barton
Studio: Shout Factory
Number of Discs: 4
Release Date: 1/24/2012
Item #: SHF312886
UPC #: 826663128864
SKU #: D15677
Attributes: Full Frame, Mono Sound
Product Type: DVD
Rating: NR
Closed Caption: No

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