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Hot Rod Girls Save the World (Original Movie Soundtrack)
Artist: Hot Rod Girls Save the World Format: CD Genre: Soundtrack
Hot Rod Girls Save the World (Original Movie Soundtrack)

Hot Rod Girls Save the World (Original Movie Soundtrack)

Artist: Hot Rod Girls Save the World Format: CD Genre: Soundtrack
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This long awaited hot rod sci-fi horror comedy, Hot Rod Girls Save the World, written and directed by Kill Switch... Klick front man D.A. Sebasstian, has started screening in the Northwest area of the U.S. This film features the performing talents of many Seattle bands and musicians in what Go-Kustom Films is calling a "Musician Made Movie." Seattle, WA, November 07, 2008 --( After nearly five years in production Hot Rod Girls Save the World is finally "in the can." Writer & Director D.A. Sebasstian, best know for fronting the iconic industrial band Kill Switch...Klick, began the film project back in 2003. Says Sebasstian, "I had been building up to this for many years. When I started Go-Kustom TV (four season Seattle Public Access Show), it was with the intention on teaching myself how to use a film & video camera, so I could shoot Hot Rod Girls Save the World- I think I was calling it "Dragster Girls" back then." Being a musician Sebasstian used people he knew, which were what else...musicians as cast and crew for the film. Hot Rod Girls Save the World was financed entirely by Sebasstian for next to nothing. Says Sebasstian, "Because I did all the work myself and the actors worked pro bono, the only real expenses were location fees and tapes...lots and lots of DV tapes." This stunning looking feature length film was shot entirely in Digital Video in a "24P" mode. Which looks like 16 mm film, but gives the editor the flexibility to edit on a computer based work station without film transfers. Sebasstian edited over 40 hours of footage down to it's current 2 hour length. Hot Rod Girls Save the World has received serious national exposure because of it's Hot Rod & Alien content. Says Sebasstian," We were lucky that all the Kustom Kulture Magazines got behind the film. They have been talking about it for several years which is great, but now I get dozens of e-mails everyday with people asking when the film will be out. The last couple of car shows we did, we had lines around the Rat Rods on display. It's amazing how much interest the film received so early on. I never expected so much attention." The films official website is at with Trailer, Scene Clips and Synopsis Information. D.A. Sebasstian has worked with and produced scores of artists including Gary Numan, Gene Loves Jezebel, Faith & Disease, DragStrip Riot, The Wages Of Sin. His band Kill Switch...Klick has thirteen full length CD's available on three different labels. Sebasstian has been featured in numerous national magazines and occasionally writes for them as well. Hot Rod Girls Save the World will be on limited DVD release by middle of December and playing on tour all across the U.S. at various events and car shows Spring-Summer 2009.
Artist(s): Hot Rod Girls Save the World
Label: CD Baby
Release Date: 1/20/2009
Item #: 1350753X
UPC #: 661573004828
Attributes: Duplicated CD
Product Type: CD
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