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La Hora Cero (The Zero Hour) (Original Soundtrack)
Artist: Various Artists Format: CD Genre: Soundtrack
La Hora Cero (The Zero Hour) (Original Soundtrack)

La Hora Cero (The Zero Hour) (Original Soundtrack)

Artist: Various Artists Format: CD Genre: Soundtrack
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In addition to the score, the soundtrack includes original music by Grammy-award winning Cheo Pardo, Guatemalan prodigy Gaby Moreno, and Venezuela's new rising star, David Mazzarri. Interwoven with dialogue from the film, the score takes you on a roller coaster of emotions: from the tension filled urgency of percussion and maracas, to the swelling of tragedy and circumstance as embodied by the melancholy strings of the Venezuelan Cuatro (as played by Venezuelan legend Aquiles Báez). Expertly composed and mastered, this soundtrack is sure to please even the most discerning of listeners. "The Zero Hour" is the highest grossing Venezuelan film of all time, and one of the few action/heist films ever produced in Latin America. The debut feature of director Diego Velasco, the film, and the soundtrack, embody the grit, violence and beauty that is Caracas. Music and Arrangements: Freddy Sheinfeld and Gabriel Velasco Dialogues: Diego Velasco and Carolina Paiz Music Supervisors: Cheo Pardo and Luis Lange Musicians that performed on the score: Bass: Bru Bruser Doug Dietrich Venezuelan Cuatro: Aquiles Báez Guitar/Programming: Freddy Sheinfeld Maracas: Miguel Emmanuelli Piano: Marco A. Godoy Drums & Percussion: Gabriel Velasco Conductor: Freddy Sheinfeld Mixed and recorded by Juan Cammarano Orchestration: Andrés Boulton "Canción Para Tí" Written by Frank Quintero Produced by Dj Afro Performed by Gaby Moreno & Dj Afro. Recorded by: Craig Parker Adams Mastered by: Marcelo Añez "Caminando por Caracas" Written by Piero/ José Tcherkaski/ Carlos Vida Carillo Performed by: David Mazzarri Additional Vocals: Natasha Pérez Accordion: Eduardo Tozzato Guitars: Casey Garrett, John Bagnato Drums: Gabriel Velasco Produced by: Gabriel Velasco Mastered by Eduardo Larez. "Si, soy yo" Written & performed by David Mazarri Produced by Lulu Perez Mastered by Eduardo Larez. Recording Studios: Firehouse Recording Studios, Pasadena, CA ES Audio Recording Studios, Los Angeles, CA Axis Studios, New Orleans, LA Cachapa Studios, New Orleans, LA Visionear Studio, Los Angeles, CA Soundasart, Los Angeles, CA MusicMind Studios, Pasadena, CA Gozadera Studios, Brooklyn, NY Mastered by Eduardo Larez, Visionear Studio, Los Angeles CA Graphic Design: Héctor Donascimento, Anónimo Studio Cover photograph: Oliver Krisch Production Coordinator: Ana Valentina Hernández Produced in collaboration with DiscoGráfica Pilla Distributed in Venezuela by World Sound Bank Thanks Anónimo Studio (los suuu), CNAC, Factor RH, Cast and Crew of La Hora Cero, Luis Lange, Jesús Florido, Venezolanos en Hollywood, Manu Reyna, Cheo Pardo, Los Amigos Invisibles, Gaby Moreno, Anabella Zubillaga, Frank Quintero, Héctor Palma, Familias. Paiz, Velasco y Pingarrón, Carolina Acosta-Sheinfeld, Beto, Nascui, Eloisa y Gustavo, Otto y Sibila, SACVEN, Aquiles Báez, Misha, Gabriel Pulido, Marinés Adrianza, Eduardo Tozzato, Casey Garret, John Bagnato, Doug, Bru, Sadie Nius, Natasha, Jesus Guevara, Igor y Gaby y los Orozcos. To Diego and La Caro for making this project a reality. From the director: "We dedicate this film to all the Venezuelans who have fallen victims to violence; in the hope that someday we can leave our weapons and our divisions behind and finally join hands."
Artist(s): Various Artists
Label: CD Baby
Release Date: 3/1/2011
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