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As the Palaces Burn
Format: DVD Genre: Rock
As the Palaces Burn

As the Palaces Burn

Format: DVD Genre: Rock
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In 1995, five guys from Virginia with a love of heavy metal began jamming together. They played in basements and dingy clubs, recorded demos, worked hard, built a rabid underground fan base, and eventually called themselves Lamb of God. Now, more than fifteen years later, Lamb of God has achieved the kind of success that kids with garage bands dream about - they have sold over two million albums, made two platinum selling DVDs, been nominated for four Grammy Awards, and have continued growing their cult of heavy metal loyalists into a worldwide community. AS THE PALACES BURN is a feature-length documentary that originally sought to follow the band and their fans throughout the world, to demonstrate how music ties US together when we can't find any other common bond. However, during the filming process in 2012, the story abruptly took a dramatic turn, bringing the band into a Kafkaesque nightmare, when lead singer Randy Blythe was arrested on charges of manslaughter, blamed for the death of one of their young fans in the Czech Republic. What followed was a heart wrenching courtroom drama that left fans, friends, and curious onlookers around the world on the edge of their seats. This 2-DVD set features the original theatrically released documentary, along with approx. 90 minutes of previously unreleased bonus footage.
Director: Don Argott
Studio: Epic
Release Date: 10/14/2014
Item #: 1338027X
UPC #: 888430992597
Product Type: DVD

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