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The Very Best of Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy: 5-Film Collection [Import]
Format: Blu-ray Genre: Comedy Video
The Very Best of Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy: 5-Film Collection [Import]

The Very Best of Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy: 5-Film Collection [Import]

Format: Blu-ray Genre: Comedy Video
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Three-disc set includes:

Sons Of The Desert (1933)

One of Stan and Ollie’s finest efforts casts the daffy duo as members of the Sons of the Desert lodge. After promising to attend the group's convention in Chicago--against their wives’ wishes--the boys cook up a scheme with Ollie pretending to be deathly ill and in need of a Hawaiian cruise. But when the cruise ship sinks, their lies snowball...and L&H must assume the roles of rescued passengers. Mae Busch, Charley Chase, Dorothy Christy also star in this pre-Code comedy classic. 68 min. BW/Rtg: NR

Our Relations (1936)

There’s twice the fun in this Laurel and Hardy laughfest, as Stan and Ollie accidentally meet their long-lost twin brothers--Alf and Bert--a pair of happy-go-lucky sailors, and get mixed up in a search for a missing diamond ring. With Alan Hale, Sidney Toler, James Finlayson; based on a Strand Magazine article by W.W. Jacobs. 71 min. BW/Rtg: NR

Block-Heads (1938)

Ollie is reunited in a veterans hospital with old army pal Stan, who stayed in the trenches for 20 years because no one told him the war was over. Trouble--and hilarity--starts when they go back to Ollie’s home to meet Mrs. Hardy in this fun-filled L&H outing. With Billy Gilbert, Patricia Ellis, James Finlayson. 57 min. BW/Rtg: NR

Swiss Miss (1938)

Laurel and Hardy are mousetrap salesmen trying to ply their wares in Switzerland, who, after being swindled by a cheesemaker, take jobs as waiters in a resort chalet. A music festival, romance with an opera star (Della Lind) posing as a chambermaid, and kitchen shenanigans all play parts in this fun-filled romp. With Walter Woolf King, Charles Judels. 71 min. BW/Rtg: NR

Pardon Us (1931)

Laurel and Hardy get into their first feature-length fine mess with one of their best kooky comedies. Stan and Ollie are sent to prison after selling bootleg beer to a cop, and wind up annoying the warden, the guards, and their fellow inmates, as well as getting involved in an escape scheme. With Walter Long, James Finlayson, June Marlowe. 56 min. BW/Rtg: NR

Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono; Subtitles: English (SDH). Region Free

Studio: Universal Uk
Number of Discs: 3
Release Date: 12/17/2018
Item #: 2375465X
UPC #: 5053083175498
Attributes: United Kingdom - Import
Product Type: Blu-ray

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