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Laurel & Hardy: The Essential Collection
Format: DVD Genre: Comedy-Classic
Laurel & Hardy: The Essential Collection

Laurel & Hardy: The Essential Collection

Format: DVD Genre: Comedy-Classic
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Pardon Us (1931), Laurel and Hardy's first feature-length film, finds the duo causing chaos behind bars after selling bootleg beer to a cop. Ex-soldiers Stan and Ollie try to reunite a war buddy's orphaned daughter with her grandfather in "Pack Up Your Troubles" (1932). The boys are lodge members who sneak off to a convention─minus their wives─in "Sons of the Desert" (1933). Based on an opera, "The Bohemian Girl" (1936) has Gypsies Stan and Ollie caring for a kidnapped princess. The pair play dual roles as long-lost twin brothers in "Our Relations" (1936) and help a young woman save her frontier inheritance from land grabbers "Way Out West" (1937). An Alpine lodge is the setting for music and laughs in "Swiss Miss" (1938), while Ollie brings old army pal Stan home to care for him in "Block-Heads" (1938). The boys are off to college in "A Chump at Oxford" (1940), and they take a "relaxing" ocean voyage as "Saps at Sea" (1940). This 10-disc set also features all 40 L&H sound shorts made for Hal Roach from 1929-1935─including "Berth Marks," "Brats," "Below Zero," "Our Wife" "The Music Box," and others─plus Spanish-language versions, guest cameos, and more. 32 1/3 hrs. total. Standard; Soundtrack: English.
Dick Van Dyke
Jerry Lewis
Laurel & Hardy
Tim Conway
Stan Laurel
Oliver Hardy
James Finlayson
Alan Hale
Della Lind
Thelma Todd
Donald Dillaway
Patricia Ellis
June Marlowe
Charley Chase
Jacquie Lynn
Ben Turpin
Antonio Moreno
Walter Woolf King
Minna Gombell
Forrester Harvey
Mae Busch
Sidney Toler
Daphne Pollard
Eric Blore
Mary Carr
Wilfred Lucas
Billy Gilbert
Dick Cramer
Dorothy Christy
Darla Hood
Jacqueline Wells
Walter Long
Forbes Murray
Lucien Littlefield
Betty Healy
Adia Kuznetzoff
Harry Woods
Frank Baker
Charles Judels
Stanley J. Sandford
Rychard Cramer
Eddie Conrad
Adele Watson
William P. Carleton
Tommy Bond
Ludovico Tomarchio
Harry Hayden
Iris Adrian
Henry Hall
Tom Kennedy
Lona Andre
Franz Hug
Gene Morgan
Gerald Rogers
Patsy Moran
Bob McKenzie
Victor Kendall
Zeffie Tilbury
Jean de Briac
Ralf Harolde
Charles Middleton
Richard Tucker
George Sorel
Noel Madison
Mitchell Lewis
Gerald Fielding
Harry Tenbrook
Charles Hall
Felix Knight
Muriel Evans
Arthur Housman
Charles Gemora
Anita Garvin
Grady Sutton
Peter Cushing
Yogi, the Myna talking bird
Joe Whitehead
Montague Shaw
Eddie Kane
Sam Lufkin
Earl Eby
Francesca Santoro
Antoinette Lees
Mike Behegan
Jackie Horner
Harry Semels
Baldwin Cook
John Kelly
Harry Wilson
Etherine Landucci
Frank Brownlee
Ivar McFadden
Tommy Seidel
Otto Jehle
Carl Faulkner
Ruth Warren
Paulette Goddard
Del Henderson
Joe Studer
E. H. Calvert
Jack Green
Leo Willis
Allen Wood
Carl Cosisky
C. A. Bachman
Louis Studer
Harry Bernard
Lee Phelps
Eddy Chandler
George Jimenez
Harry Strang
Fritz Wolfesberger
Jim Pierce
Gustav von Seyffertitz
Harry Myers
Jack Hill
Eddie Borden
Bobby Dunn
William H. Royle
Walter Lawrence
Robert Wilber
Conrad Seidemann
Constantine Romanoff
Marjorie Kane
George Chandler
Walter Taylor
James C. Morton
Mary Gordon
Virginia Dabney
Max Hoffman
John Powers
Patsy O'Byrne
Julia Kingsley
Pat Gleason
Joe Bordeaux
Tiny Sandford
Lorraine Bridges
Bud Geary
Wally O'Connor
Winter Hall
Allen Pomeroy
Margaret Mann
Jack Mack
Bob O'Connor
Ula Love
Harry Arras
Stanley Blystone
Jack Davidson
James Morton
Howard C. Hickman
Jimmie Dime
Jack Raymond
Harry Neilman
Earl Douglas
George Granlich
George Magrill
Bob Lafferty
Ed Brady
Fred Somers
Nick Copeland
Alex Melesh
Art Miles
Bill Brady
John Hobart
Harold Gerard
Dave Wengren
Edgar Norton
Jack Lubell
Jack Lloyd
Blanca Vischer
Vinegar Roan
Eddie Johnson
Eddie Brian
Edward Earle
Pat McKay
Charles Stone
Harry Bowen
Jacques Vanaire
Ed Scarpa
Baldwin Cooke
James Blount
James B. Carson
Agostino Borgato
Jack Gamble
Lucille Stafford
Johnny Woods
Jean Cleveland
Chuck Callahan
Harry Evans
Marylin Peterson
Lois Laurel
Stella Curtis
Jack Perrin
Dinah, a mule
Charles Regan
Tom Murray
Jack Koontz
Les Clark
Al Thompson
Peter Gardiner
Harry Anderson
Byron Munson
Jack Romler
Billy Taft
Ed Shaeffer
Ted Henderson
Boots Mallory
Doris Carlyle
Dix Davis
Lucille Day
Marguerite Franz
Peggy Russell
Lola Field
Wilma Roelof
Mary Brooks
Jean Alden
Loie Tilton
Evelyn Eager
Virginia Blair
Barbara Booth
Esther Pressman
Jolane Reynolds
Dolly Verner
Ruth Alder
Nancy McMahon
Kenny Williams
Lew Leroy
Al Cooke
John Stanley
Robert Eason
Lester Shafer
Arnold Tamon
Edward Cutler
Michael Arshasky
Paul Foltz
Harvey Karels
Lew Gould
Pat Lane
Charlie Teske
Diane Rochelle
Tudor Williams
Doodles Weaver
Vera White
Fifi O'Brien
Chet Brandenberg
Ed Brandenberg
Kay McCoy
Marie Barbe
Alex Finlayson
Carlton Griffin
Viola Wilkins
Ann Berry
Eleanor Peterson
Ruth Lane
Beverly Royde
Marion Shelton
Holly Hall
Ruth Royde
Ann Faruks
Paul Feiner
Sam Brooks
Ernie Alexander
Emmet Connors
Mike Drey
Nik Sommer
Hope Harper
Wilda George
May Cloy
Max Etzkorn
Joe Lenz
Lou Duello
Captain Garcia
Ray DeRavenne
O. M. Steiger
Pete Gordon
Jack Staegell
Countess Sonia
Sanna Caru
Anna Ross
Ethel Gilstrom
Marie Dolezel
Elisabeth Frohlich
Kate Melkus
Carolyne Melkus
Celia Derosa
Directors: Alf Goulding, Gordon Douglas, Raymond McCarey, William A. Seiter, James Parrott, John G. Blystone, Harry Lachman, James W. Horne, Charles Rogers, George Marshall, Hal Roach
Studio: Rhi Entertainment
Number of Discs: 10
Release Date: 10/25/2011
Item #: RHE606021
UPC #: 883476060217
SKU #: D38691
Attributes: Boxed Set, Full Frame, Dolby, Slipsleeve Packaging
Product Type: DVD
Rating: NR
Closed Caption: No

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