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Le Cirque (Original Soundtrack)
Artist: Various Artists Format: CD Genre: Soundtrack
Le Cirque (Original Soundtrack)

Le Cirque (Original Soundtrack)

Artist: Various Artists Format: CD Genre: Soundtrack
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$1.00 OF EVERY SALE OF THIS CD IS BEING DONATED TO HELP FIGHT THE DISEASE INTERSTITIAL CYSTITIS (IC) During the summer of 2004 Circus of the Shattered Monkey® (a.k.a.Cirque du Singe Brisé® or simply le Cirque) emerged from a small Cambridge, MA art gallery. It exists to be a forum for the true artists in music- experimentalists, tradionalists, eccentrics, misfits and all of those that are not like everybody else. We like to call them monkey enough. Le Cirque grew to being presented in six different states and in reputable rooms from The Knitting Factory, NYC up to Club Metronome in Burlington, VT and is staged like an actual show and not just some night in a club. Manning the healm as a crazed preacher man is the show's producer Rich Van Vleet. His constant sermon is staging the statement of how quality talent in music still exists in this modern era and how it's being overlooked and supplemented with "the pretty voices of those otherwise talent less American Idol pawns, big breasted divas and mass produced bands with cookie cutter sounds designed for a ten minute shelf life." Also in the mix is le Cirque's house band Hypaspace serving as an audiences' cellestial guide for the evening in between sets. They bridge the gaps in between an evening of eclectic excellence. No show is ever the same under our big top, except for the assurance that once you enter it, you've exited the mainstream. Are we total freaks? Hardly. We are the ones that present our creative souls onstage, the ones that actually have something to say and the ones that still dare to stretch music's limits. Pick up our new CD Le Cirque: The Soundtrack to find out what being under our big top is all about.
Artist(s): Various Artists
Label: CD Baby
Release Date: 10/10/2006
Item #: SRD938619
UPC #: 634479386190
Product Type: CD
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