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Lego Friends Triple Feature
Format: DVD Genre: Animation
Lego Friends Triple Feature

Lego Friends Triple Feature

Format: DVD Genre: Animation Theme: LEGO
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LEGO FRIENDS: ALWAYS TOGETHER Our five best friends, Olivia, Mia, Andrea, Emma and Stephanie, are together again in three challenging, secretive and fun-filled episodes. A talent show has come to Heartlake City, and all the girls enter the competition hoping to impress the judges, especially their idol, pop star Chloe, in Andrea's Big Moment. No one is more excited than Olivia about science camp at a beautiful, rocky offshore island with a lighthouse. But Olivia quickly gets off on the wrong foot with a mysterious girl named Kate who seems obsessed with a medallion necklace and the islnad's rumored history of pirates and treasure in Kate's Island. The girls have come for breakfast at the fanciest hotel in town, now owned by Andrea's family. When Andrea's aunt has to leave town, the girls volunteer to run the hotel for the weekend with the help of quirky Grandma Jean in The Grand Hotel. LEGO FRIENDS: FRIENDS TOGETHER AGAIN Mia, Stephanie, Emma, Andrea and Olivia are best friends and everyone in Heartlake City knows the bubbly girl crew. Whenever they appear, you can be sure something fun is going on and they are always up for a laugh! Together, they experience the greatest adventures and always prove that if they stick together, no problem is too big. Whether they help Mia's grandparents deliver a little foal, build a fantastic float for Heartlake City 's 200-year celebration or show all their guts in a thrilling jungle rescue expedition to save Aunt Sophie's wedding, together they can do anything. LEGO FRIENDS: FRIENDS ARE FOREVER Meet Olivia, Stephanie, Andrea, Mia and Emma, five best friends from Heartlake City who bring their own special blend of fun curiosity, smarts and song to three charming animated episodes for the first time on DVD. The World Petacular comes to Heartlake City and the five best friends blend their diverse interests and common creativity to save the day when it nearly gets sidetracked in New Girl in Town. It's not easy keeping plans for Stephanie's Surprise Party a secret as the birthday girl gets suspicious when her friends have not time to hang out. The girls' school science contest entry wins them a trip on a luxury yacht, resulting in a widly unpredictable Dolphin Cruise. Share the music and adventure with your best friends and family. Because best friends forever is the most marvelous kind of friendship... and you've got to spread it around.
Studio: Warner Home Video
Number of Discs: 3
Release Date: 2/14/2017
Theme: LEGO
Item #: 1764461X
UPC #: 883929573004
Attributes: 3 Pack
Product Type: DVD

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