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Leprechaun: 8-Film Collection
Format: DVD Genre: Horror
Leprechaun: 8-Film Collection

Leprechaun: 8-Film Collection

Format: DVD Genre: Horror
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Six-disc set includes:

Leprechaun (1993)

Forget those breakfast cereal commercials on TV! This little fella is more murderous than mischievous, and when some young people make off with his gold, they’ll need more than the "luck of the Irish" to escape the Leprechaun’s wrath. Warwick Davis, Jennifer Aniston and Mark Holton star in a "magically delicious" horror frightfest. 92 min. C/Rtg: R

Leprechaun 2 (1994)

That pint-sized purveyor of evil is back in this creepy sequel. The Leprechaun appears in the big city, searching for his pot of gold-and a gorgeous gal he wants to call his own. When the girl’s boyfriend lifts one of the Leprechaun’s gold coins, the tiny terror goes on a rampage. Warwick Davis stars. 85 min. C/Rtg: R

Leprechaun 3 (1995)

The nasty little critter with the green hat goes wild in Las Vegas after discovering his magical gold shilling is missing. It seems that a down-on-his-luck college student has found it in a pawn shop and the Irish monstrosity is willing to kill to get the coin back. "Glitter City" becomes the "Emerald Isle of Death" in this outing. Warwick Davis stars. 93 min. C/Rtg: R

Leprechaun 4 In Space (1996)

The fourth appearance of the malicious Leprechaun is no lucky charm for the terrorized parties involved in his sinister shenanigans. The terrible troll holds a beautiful alien princess hostage on a distant planet, prompting Earth marines to stage a rescue mission. When the Celtic creep commandeers a spaceship, look out! With Warwick Davis, Debbe Dunning. 98 min. C/Rtg: R

Leprechaun In The Hood (2000)

What, you’ve never heard of "black Irish"? The diminutive demon is brought back into the world by a trio of would-be rap stars who are raiding a music mogul’s studio, and now the homeboys are faced with a horror they never imagined in this fifth entry in the shock series. Warwick Davis and Ice-T star. 91 min. C/Rtg: R

Leprechaun: Back 2 Tha Hood (2003)

Meaner and greener than ever, the infinitesimal Irish evildoer returns to wreak more havoc on the poor, unsuspecting gangstas who’ve made the fatal mistake of procuring his precious pot of gold. Hip-hop horror outing stars Warwick Davis, Tangi Miller, and Sticky Fingaz. 87 min. C/Rtg: R

Leprechaun: Origins (2014)

Lucky for "Leprechaun" fans, WWE Studios takes over the franchise with this brand-new chiller featuring wrestling star Dylan "Hornswaggle" Postl as the titular creature of legend. When two young couples vacationing in the Irish countryside decide to stay in a remote cabin (in the woods, yes) shown to them by the locals, they soon run afoul of the mythical monster. Andrew Dunbar, Stephanie Bennett, and Melissa Roxburgh co-star. 90 min. C/Rtg: R

Leprechaun Returns (2018)

Everyone’s favorite minuscule maniac returns in this frightfully fun horror tale, a direct sequel to the original (?). Some environmentally conscious sorority sisters--including the daughter (Taylor Spreitler) of the first film’s heroine--must fight for their lives when they accidentally disturb the Leprechaun’s (Linden Porco) slumber while trying to make an old farmhouse more eco-friendly. With Pepi Sonuga, Sai Bennett, and Mark Holton. 93 min. C/Rtg: R

Studio: Lions Gate
Number of Discs: 6
Release Date: 10/8/2019
Item #: 2199674X
UPC #: 031398308591
Attributes: Boxed Set, Widescreen, Subtitled, Dolby
Product Type: DVD
Rating: R
Subtitles: ENG, SPA
Closed Caption: No

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