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Let's Dance Salsa Beginning Lesson 2
Format: DVD Genre: Special Interest
Let's Dance Salsa Beginning Lesson 2

Let's Dance Salsa Beginning Lesson 2

Format: DVD Genre: Special Interest
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Let's Dance Salsa - Beginning Lessons 2 takes a new approach to teaching Salsa dancing! Professional dance instructor Marlon Silva teaches beginners and experts alike with his step-by-step detailed instruction. His technique breaks all Salsa moves and combos down into building blocks, which are then assembled into more complicated moves that can be adapted to any music or club atmosphere. Rather than teaching by counting steps, Marlons method has taught thousands of students around the country to dance in less time with greater ease. Other building blocks are added in Beginning Lessons 2 as Marlon teaches couples to dance, keep step and spin together. Marlon and Susie Neff teach a variety of moves such as spinning your partner, spinning around your partner, and the complex push-pull spin, which is used later in more advanced moves. Each lesson is built on the previous one in the building block method, and is illustrated with repeated, clear movements, step-by-step instruction, close-ups of hands and feet and slow motion. WHAT YOU'LL LEARN: Push-Pull Spin - Marlon and Susie demonstrate a push-pull spin, used in many of Marlons combinations. Basic Spinning Combination 1, The Shoulder - Marlon and Susie continue their instruction with spinning combinations built upon the shoulder combinations. Basic Spinning Combination 2, The Serpentine - This episode emphasizes rolling your partner in and out, twisting arms, and switching hands, while keeping the same principles you have learned so far. Merengue Dancing, Part 1 - Includes beginning steps of Merengue and a history of Merengue. Merengue Dancing, Part 2 - Learn a new trend, Jumping Merengue. Also includes some Merengue vocabulary one should know in social situations.
Director: Gary Steiner
Studio: Janson Media
Release Date: 4/16/2002
Item #: JNA020428
UPC #: 646032042894
Attributes: Manufactured on Demand
Product Type: DVD
Rating: UNR

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