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Letter From an Unknown Woman (Olive Signature) (1948)
Format: Blu-ray Genre: Drama-Classics
Letter From an Unknown Woman (Olive Signature)

Letter From an Unknown Woman (Olive Signature)

Format: Blu-ray Genre: Drama-Classics
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Director Max Ophuls' classic tearjerker stars Joan Fontaine as Lisa Berndle, a woman in fin de siècle Vienna who has a one-night encounter with callous concert pianist Stefan Brand (Louis Jourdan), whom she's been infatuated with since she was a teen. Unknown to Brand, Lisa bears his son and marries another man, but a chance meeting years later leads to tragedy. With Marcel Journet, Mady Christians. 86 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital stereo.
Joan Fontaine
Louis Jourdan
Mady Christians
Marcel Journet
Art Smith
Sonja Bryden
Patricia Alphin
Audrey Wilder
Diane Stewart
Douglas Carter
Howard Koch
Louis Austin
Ramsay Hill
Sonja Blyden
Carol Yorke
Howard Freeman
John Good
Leo B. Pessin
Erskine Sanford
Otto Waldis
William Trenk
Fred Nurney
Torben Meyer
Hermine Sterler
C. Ramsey Hill
Will Lee
William Hall
Paul Peter Szemere
Sven-Hugo Borg
Lotte Stein
Lisa Golm
Lisl Valetti
Mary Worth
Jamesson Shade
Tom Costello
Ilka Gruning
Paul E. Burns
Roland Varno
Norbert Schiller
Leo Mostovoy
Shimen Ruskin
William Gould
Roy Gordon
Celia Lovsky
John Elliot
Lester Sharpe
Jack George
Helen Spring
Edit Angold
Michael Mark
Al Eben
Bill Schroff
Hal Melone
Lois Austin
Kay Morley
Mauritz Hugo
Countess Elektra Rozanska
Irene Seidner
Max Willenz
Edna Holland
Gordon Clark
William Vedder
Betty Blythe
Rex Lease
Walter Bonn
Bruce Riley
Robert W. Brown
Jack Worth
Blanche Obronska
Erich von Schilling
Edmund Cobb
Edwin Fowler
Ashley Cowan
Gabrielle Windsor
Joe Garcia
John Bambury
Diane Lee Stewart
Doretta Johnson
Vera Stokes
Lorraine Gale
Tay Dunn
Polly Bailey
Arthur Lovejoy
Frieda Stoll
Paul Rochin
Joseph Kamaryt
Pietro Sosso
Watson Downs
Howard Mitchell
Sam Gilmore
Guy L. Shaw
June Wood
Herbert Winters
Jean Ransome
Roy Bross
Judith Woodbury
Joe Ardao
Donald Chaffin
Helen Dickson
John McCallum
Curt Furberg
Manuel Paris
Harry Anderson
George Blagoi
Elizabeth Kerr
Peggy Remington
Betty McDonough
Cy Stevens
Jack Gargan
Doug Carter
Walter Soderling
Max Opuls
Max Oph ls
John Houseman
Directors: Max Opuls, Max Oph ls
Studio: Olive
Release Date: 12/5/2017
Item #: 1980667X
UPC #: 887090601504
Product Type: Blu-ray
Rating: NR

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