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Look of a Killer
Format: DVD Genre: TV Crime, Foreign
Look of a Killer

Look of a Killer

Format: DVD Genre: TV Crime, Foreign
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Former KGB agent Victor Karppa is haunted by his past: he saw and did things on the job that he'd like to forget. In an attempt to create order in his life he settles in Finland, putting down roots in the country of his ancestors. He tries to make a living two ways, as a private investigator and as a business facilitator for Russian immigrants, but that doesn't sit well with his girlfriend, Marja. She's an independent-minded academic who prefers to keep her life simple. Try as he might not to, he keeps brushing up against the criminal elements he wanted so badly to leave behind: Russian mafia kingpins, drug dealers, KGB operatives and lowlifes from the Ingrian people group - ethnic Finns who have immigrated from their native Russia back to Finland. Yet he's not a killer, even if he does look like one. It all takes it's toll on his relationship with Marja, who sees any association with the criminal world as a bad sign for the future of their relationship. Can a man change his identity – or shed his loyalties – merely by crossing a border? These gripping thrillers are based on the novels by acclaimed Finnish author Matti Rönkä.
Studio: MHZ Networks Home
Number of Discs: 3
Release Date: 4/28/2015
Item #: 1481460X
UPC #: 815047018464
Attributes: Subtitled, Widescreen, Anamorphic
Product Type: DVD
Rating: NR
Subtitles: ENG

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