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Tradicion y Folclor de Mi Tierra
Format: DVD Genre: Folk, Music Video (Concert/Performance)
Tradicion y Folclor de Mi Tierra

Tradicion y Folclor de Mi Tierra

Format: DVD Genre: Folk, Music Video (Concert/Performance)
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Lucy Jaen. Album DVD+CD: Tradición y Folclor de mi Tierra, 2010. The DVD + CD 'Tradición y Folclor de mi Tierra ', contains 19 of the most traditional and recognized tamboritos in Panama, sung by the one who is called the 'La Faraona del Tamborito' (The Tamborito´s Pharaoh). Some of the songs are: Que se Queme el Monte, Martes al Amanecer, El Perote, Camino de Mensabé, Sortija de Oro Macizo, Sombrero de Panamá, El Tambor de la Alegría. Delight yourself with the documentary 'La Voz del Tamborito' (The voice of the Tamborito) which is a tribute to Panama's national song. Enjoy it. Additional Notes 1. The film contains a biographical sketch of Lucila Jaén Córdoba, known as 'Lucy Jaén', her beginnings in her native town Santo Domingo de Las Tablas, her learning process of the tamborito, inherited from her aunt Verenice Córdoba and her evolution as an artist and devoted mother of our folklore. Parallel to this, a brief summary of the role of Lucy in the dissemination and strengthening of our culture in the voice of renowned Panamanian people. 2. The filming of the documentary was done by the audiovisual production team of Tamayo Records and was filmed in October 2010 on locations in Los Santos and Panama. Some of the people who participated in this film are: Lucy Jaen and her musical group made by the brothers Leguizamo, Eduardo 'Yoyi' Espinosa and 9 choir members under the coordination of Professor Denia de Espinosa. 3. The documentary of approx. 35 minutes duration includes photos and extra material for a total of 74 minutes. 4. The photo session was conducted by the renowned artist Fonzy Gómez and took place on Thursday October 14 at Mi Pueblito.
Lucy Jaen
Studio: CD Baby
Release Date: 5/3/2011
Item #: 152426X
UPC #: 7451102070836
Attributes: NTSC Format
Product Type: DVD

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