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Luise Rainer Collection
Format: DVD Genre: Drama-Classics
Luise Rainer Collection

Luise Rainer Collection

Format: DVD Genre: Drama-Classics
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Actress Luise Rainer, whose brief Hollywood tenure earned her two Academy Awards, shines in this triple feature. When the battle between rival taxi companies in New York turns deadly, cabbie Spencer Tracy must fight to save immigrant wife Rainer from being deported, in the drama "Big City" (1937), co-starring Charley Grapewin and featuring cameos by Jack Dempsey and other athletes. Rainer and William Powell are spies in pre-WWI Eastern Europe who vie with each other for valuable documents hidden inside "The Emperor's Candlesticks" (1937). Glossy melodrama also stars Robert Young, Maureen O'Sullivan, Frank Morgan. And Rainer plays a scheming Southern belle in antebellum Louisiana who steals sister Barbara O'Neil's beau (Melvyn Douglas) and weds him, only to be wooed away by an old flame (Young), in "The Toy Wife" (1938). AKA: "Frou Frou." 4 1/3 hrs. total on three discs. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono.
Luise Rainer
William Powell
Spencer Tracy
Melvyn Douglas
Charley Grapewin
Robert Young
Barbara O'Neil
Janet Beecher
Maureen O'Sullivan
Frank Morgan
Eddie Quillan
H. B. Warner
Henry Stephenson
Victor Varconi
Alma Kruger
Oscar O'Shea
Bernadene Hayes
Libby Taylor
Donald Kirke
Theresa Harris
Helen Troy
Walter Kingsford
Douglas Dumbrille
William Demarest
Clinton Rosemond
John Arledge
Charles Waldron
Irving Bacon
Clarence Muse
Barnett Parker
Leonard Penn
Guinn Williams
Frank Reicher
Regis Toomey
Edgar Dearing
Bert Roach
Margaret Irving
Rafaela Ottiano
Paul Harvey
Paul Porcasi
Beulah Hall Jones
E. E. Clive
Clem Bevans
Cora Lang
George H. Reed
Emma Dunn
Madame Sul-Te-Wan
Frank Conroy
Grace Ford
Hal Le Seur
Alice White
Spencer Charters
Theodor Von Eltz
Tom Rutherford
Jack Dempsey
Douglas McPhail
Mitchell Lewis
James J. Jeffries
Egon Brecher
Edward Van Sloan
Maxie Rosenbloom
Erville Alderson
Albert Morin
Edward Keane
Jim Thorpe
Clarence H. Wilson
Robert Brister
Rollo Lloyd
D'Arcy Corrigan
Maude Turner Gordon
George Regas
Lionel Pape
William Stack
Esther Muir
Maine Geary
Ramsey Hill
George Godfrey
Olaf Hytten
Priscilla Lawson
Torben Meyer
Brent Sargent
Davison Clark
Marguerite Whitten
Bull Montana
Harvey Clark
Billy McClain
George Humbert
King Baggott
Henry Roquemore
Russ Powell
Russell Hopton
Ray Walker
Barbara Bedford
Ruby Elzy
Helen Brown
Frank Dawson
Leonard Carey
Myrtle Anderson
Natalie Garson
Robert McKenzie
Mariska Aldrich
Joseph King
John Picorri
Roland Varno
Dewey Robinson
Sidney Bracy
Stanley Andrews
Eva Dennison
Joseph Crehan
Herbert Evans
Edward Gargan
George Kirby
Eddie Gribbon
Geneva Williams
Cyril Thornton
Alonzo Price
Charles Andrews
Bruce Mitchell
Richard Tucker
George Davis
Ernest Wilson
Agostino Borgato
Henry Thomas
Landers Stevens
Herbert Ashley
Eadie Adams
Matt McHugh
Harry Woods
Paul Fix
Jules Cowles
Mahlon Hamilton
Dick Rush
Ralph Bushman
Will Stanton
Dick Rich
Jack Pennick
Robert O'Connor
James Flavin
Frank S. Hagney
Lew Harvey
Orville Caldwell
Paul Newlan
Sam Ash
Jack Dougherty
Jack Daley
Gladden James
Ruth Hussey
Lowden Adams
Eric Wilton
Lee Phelps
Charles McMurphy
Lester Dorr
Nick Thompson
Harry Semels
Matty Roubert
Tom Dugan
Larry Wheat
Lillian Nicholson
Lillian Worth
George Chandler
Monya Andre
Abdullah Abbas
Directors: Frank Borzage, George Fitzmaurice, Richard Thorpe
Studio: Warner Archives
Number of Discs: 3
Release Date: 11/16/2010
Item #: WBA080270
UPC #: 883316287675
SKU #: D36361
Attributes: Manufactured on Demand
Product Type: DVD
Closed Caption: No

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