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Lullabies With Love (2021)
Format: DVD Genre: Children's Video
Lullabies With Love

Lullabies With Love

Format: DVD Genre: Children's Video
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Lullabies with Love is a music-based narrative about the day The Wiggles (Simon, Emma, Lachy and Anthony) looked after baby Dorothy the Dinosaur for a day. Babysitting a dinosaur isn't that much different to babysitting a baby and The Wiggles are up for the challenge. Filmed on a brand-new Wiggle Town set complete with a road with a crossing, a pirate ship, The Wiggles' House, a beach, a dog kennel and a rose garden, the adventure takes in much colourful scenery. Lullabies with Love is full of songs to calm, to entertain, to sing along to or to help tell the story. Of course, every song and action in the narrative is reinforcing the love The Wiggles have for their friends and for baby Dorothy. The adventure begins with a song from Simon about where a story can take you, "Once Upon a Time", and then Lachy takes over, as the narrator. Simon is preparing The Wiggles' play area for the baby's visit when a phone call alerts him that Mrs D and Baby Dorothy are on their way. This is followed by the "Busy, Busy" and "Ding, Ding" songs. Baby Dorothy's grandma, Mrs D, arrives just in time for The Wiggles to present baby Dorothy with presents given with love! The narrative takes us all around Wiggle Town and we see some very special indoor drone photography which gives the viewer some rarely seen points of view in children's television. Baby Dorothy sleeps, laughs, and even sings a song, "Googy Goo Waa", and warms the hearts of all her friends in Wiggle Town. This brand new Wiggly musical narrative is sure to warm the hearts of children of all ages with it's beautiful Lullabies with Love. Special Features: -The Twins Song - Double Happy!
Studio: Wiggles
Release Date: 6/22/2021
Item #: 2394451X
UPC #: 738329254346
Product Type: DVD
Rating: NR
Subtitles: ENG

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