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The Maisie Collection: Volume 1
Format: DVD Genre: Comedy Video
The Maisie Collection: Volume 1

The Maisie Collection: Volume 1

Format: DVD Genre: Comedy Video
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Maisie (1939), the first of a string of popular programmers starring Ann Sothern as brassy Brooklyn showgirl Maisie Ravier, finds her signing on as a maid at a prosperous ranch when she's stranded in Wyoming. Robert Young, Ruth Hussey co-star. "Congo Maisie" (1940) deposits the irrepressible chorine in Africa, where she falls into nursing duty at a field hospital. John Carroll, Rita Johnson co-star. "Gold Rush Maisie" (1940) finds our heroine casting her lot with a poor Arkansas family prospecting for fortune in Arizona. Lee Bowman, Slim Summerville also star. Then, the rich Long Island clan that takes her on as a servant finds out that "Maisie Was a Lady" (1941). Lew Ayres, Maureen O'Sullivan co-star. Lastly, Maisie's misadventures brings her into the orbit of boxing manager George Murphy and talented young pug Robert Sterling in "Ringside Maisie" (1941). 6 3/4 hrs. total on five discs. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono.
Ann Sothern
Robert Young
John Carroll
George Murphy
Lew Ayres
Maureen O'Sullivan
Ruth Hussey
Rita Johnson
Robert Sterling
Ian Hunter
Virginia O'Brien
Shepperd Strudwick
C. Aubrey Smith
Cliff Edwards
Natalie Thompson
Joan Perry
J. M. Kerrigan
E. E. Clive
Margaret Moffat
Anthony Allan
Paul Cavanagh
Everett Brown
Maxie Rosenbloom
Edward Ashley
Art Mix
William Wright
George Tobias
Tom Fadden
Jack LaRue
"Rags" Ragland
Edgar Dearing
Richard Carle
Lionel Pape
Nathan Curry
Minor Watson
Charles D. Brown
Oscar O'Shea
Joe Yule
Leonard Mudie
Harlan Briggs
John Indrisano
Paul Everton
Roy Lester
Martin Wilkins
Tim Ryan
Joseph Crehan
Ernest Whitman
Henry Blair
Eddie Simms
Frank Puglia
Jonathan Hale
Billy Curtis
Tom Farrell
John Bambury
Purnell Pratt
Darby Jones
Willie Fung
Emmett Vogan
Walter Miller
Tom Hanlon
Bud Harris
William Brodus
Jerry Marenghi
Mary Foy
Tom Dugan
Almira Sessions
Frank Darien
Tommy Cotton
Clem Bevans
Leon Belasco
Jody Gilbert
Charles Coleman
Hooper Atchley
George Guhl
Robert Middlemass
Anne O'Neal
Larry McGrath
Robert Winkler
Alice Keating
Lawrence Creighton
Marty Faust
Barbara Bedford
Roy Seager
Al Hill
Howard Hickman
Don Roberts
Harry Harvey
Eddie Chandler
Joe Devlin
Frank Mills
Joan Blair
Buck Mack
James G. Blaine
Jack M. Gardner
Charles Dorety
Eddie Hogan
Ralph McCullough
Cliff Danielson
Dan Tobey
Russ Clark
Edward Smith
Eddie Randolph
Robert Perry
C. L. Sherwood
William Stelling
Philip Winter
Helen Brown
Hans Conreid
Harold Minjir
Claire Owen
May McAvoy
Hillary Brooke
Edna Holland
Georgia Carroll
Dick French
Kay Sutton
Doris Day
Billy Coe
Frank Riggi
Gertrude Simpson
Mickey Martin
Milton Kibbee
Directors: Henry C. Potter, Edwin L. Marin
Studio: Warner Archives
Number of Discs: 5
Release Date: 6/7/2012
Item #: 290518X
UPC #: 883316510018
SKU #: D60038
Attributes: Full Frame, Manufactured on Demand, Mono Sound
Product Type: DVD
Rating: NR
Closed Caption: No

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